Yep Letting Mac go was best for the titans...................

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. fairwin

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    People act like we just kicked McNair out onto the curb. I think the Titans organization really wanted him here, but they were unable to settle things contractually. I know the whole thing about the facillity lockout looked bad, but that was a result of the stalemate at which they had already arrived. Maybe McNair looked into his crystal ball and saw the future of this franchise and simply decided he didn't wan't to be a part of it. He had to know where we were headed, and he probably would like to have a shot at one of those rings before he retires. His shot is certainly much better in Baltimore this year than it would be here.
    Remember... if McNair had really wanted to finish his career here in Nashville he could have made it happen.
  2. MadAboutMcNair

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    Bravo!!:logo: :logo: :logo:
  3. GoT

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  4. TitansCountry25

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    Well I agree with the previous post about what did Volek do to get in the dog house exactly he is not exactly a superstar but he does know the offense a bit better than Collins who arrived only 10 days ago. My main point was in this discussion with Mcnair he knew our offense better than anyone and whom better for V to get behind and watch than someone with similar style and the like. Mcnair had no one absolutly no one to throw to last year and still had a decent year for Mac. Another year with a slightly better offensive tools would have been better. Instead we let him go without really trying to keep him and get absolutly nothing for him. He now is with the Ravens and even though after one game and it is just one game they went to a playoff team from last years home and blanked em 27-0. and The Buccs were known to have a pretty solid defense last several years even in the NFC. Instead we have a thrown together team at the last minute and we can only watch and see what happens cause I dont think anyone has a clue what or where this franchise is heading. If anyone does please let me know thank you.
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I always have such a hard time taking this cat seriously. Here he is saying McNair is worthless.

    so what's that all about then? are you one of those emotinal types like me that tells players that rub you the wrong way to "kiss your butt"? You know you are flakin' when you draw out "the official hater". He reads everything and posts on... well, stuff like this. It was a failed marriage dude. Wrap this around your head: Keeping McNair would hurt us more. I don't have to defend that statement. There are 1000 posters that will do it for me. McNair is better off. We are hurting, sure, but in the long run... just trust me little buddy, keeping McNair would have been a mistake. That's just the way it is. You don't have to like it, but the sooner you get around to accepting it, the better off you will be.
  6. PhiSlammaJamma

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    It's one of those things, where you look at your qb, and it looks like he is in decline, and so you send him away, only to realize you goofed like you did with Warren Moon, and repeated your mistake, and you realize even with the declining stats, he was a successful starting qb in the nfl for a reason, and that sometimes its the intangibles that make a qb, and that you are lucky if you ever do find that in the draft. Lucky. You look over at you new stud on the sideline with the golden clipboard, and wonder, does he have any intangibles. I hope he does, but does he. Then you remember the rose bowl. Should be ok. But you also realize that at some point you have to move on, and you have a rookie qb on your roster, and your veteran is refusing to hand the torch, so you just do it. And it hurts. Cause that veteran still has those intangibles, and you see him show them on the field, and he makes a pro bowl or two without you, and your transition qb is exactly what everyone thought he was, a regular joe with no intangibles. You give a cool nickname, but it means nothing, And it is what it is, and you hit yourself on the head, and say, yeah, I should've known, he's always been kind of a regular joe, why didn't I see it. And then you put your stud rookie in and start all over again. Is he a starting qb? Does he have those intangibles?
  7. Gunny

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    But with McNair in Tennessee, he would have to try and win games himself.

    In Baltimore, with a strong defense and running game, he just doesnt have to make mistakes and doesn't have to take the game on his shoulders.
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    I'd love to see RollTide tell you how wrong you are there. He's worse than that SNL Chris Mathews parody when it comes to dissent.

    Tell me where I'm wrong.:ha:
  9. Sledge

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    McNair wanted too much $$, and I'm sure the day he decided to ask for a trade was when he realized his health was in danger from that garbage OL we have. And with a GM who thinks picking Michael Roos way too early, over guys like Lofa Tatupu and Odell Thurman, all this after taking Pacman over Rolle or Merriman, is a good move to solve this team's woes, it's time to go. Simple as that...
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