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    You can rest assured that if something does not change he will be cut before the new league year. Again I would welcome seeing someone else run the ball. But not to harp but if your running it out of the shotgun and just running draws it only works few times a game. Some option would make alot of sense, assuming he can catch the pitch. The fact he drops so many balls is very dissapointing. He should be our 3rd best reciever and could get 1000 yards in the screen game.
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    But CJ has never been a good receiver and should not be expected to improve. He is only a playmaker, not a runningback.
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    Had a chance to talk to Munchak at practice earlier, no pics though.

    Me: Dude, you need to bench CJ!
    Munchak: I'm in charge and CJ's our starter.
    Me: Do you feel in charge?
    Munchak: Well yeah, I'm the head coach.
    Me: And this gives you power over me?
    Munchak: Are you a journalist?
    Me: It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.
    Munchak: Which is?
    Me: To fulfill Ra's al Ghul's destiny!
    Munchak: I'm calling security, you need to leave.
    Me: Calm down, coach, now's not the time for fear, that comes later.
    Munchak: SECURITY!
    Me: Dude, I'm just f**king with you, relax, just at least think about benching CJ, ok?
    Munchak: SECURITY!
    Me: ok, ok, I'm leaving.
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    While not every run from CJ is a beauty any more, and he hasn't busted one in like... Forever... He didn't look that bad Sunday. While he wasn't a game breaker, he kept the defense honest enough to have to stay home that slight extra second on the hard Play actions.

    Would a better running attack make us more potent? Yes. Should we really worry our selves with how CJ did or didn't look? Not so sure. We need to do some power run plays each game, show we are running the ball... And still the run the freaking ball... Unfortunately ramping into the pile is not cjs forte.

    But simple enough, the offense does not rely on the run game near as much as the pass game. If we are running just enough to keep the D honest, it works.

    Anyone watched the patriots this year? The crazy amount of run plays they are doing? The 3 TE sets, the hard play action... But they have gotten so enamored with running the ball... It's taken away from Brady and the pass game...
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    Yeah considering Grant just NOW got signed! Lol people on the board are absolutely crazy when it comes to hating players one week then loving them the next! Seriously if you guys do not think CJ is trying then you are all just blind ignorant haters!
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    Titans have never been able to run a successful screen. CJ only has one dropped pass this year. Get a grip man and open your **** eyes!
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    this is the week we see the titans run a halfback pass. Book it.

    CJ has lost a step and our line run blocks like a spaghetti strainer. Defenses have learned that if CJ is in a single back set to simply have the DL maintain the gaps, make sure the ends contain and let the LB's/safeties follow CJ. CJ can't or refuses to run down-hill so he tumps over to avoid injury.

    Halfback pass and QB draw will absolutely F-up the Texans scheme.
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    I've hated CJ since his holdout, so don't give me that BS. Watch the games, he doesn't care.. you blind ignorant supporter.
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    What if we had signed Cedric Benson?