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    Titans receiver Kendall Wright says he’d never missed a game – in any sport – in high school, college or the pros before last Sunday, when he sat out the Titans’ contest in Green Bay because of a cracked rib.

    “It felt very weird,” Wright said, “especially when you know you can go out and help them do something. I just wanted to be out there.”

    Wright still isn’t 100 percent, but returned to practice in a limited role on Wednesday and said he plans to play in the season finale against Jacksonville.

    “No matter what the record is or what we’re playing for, we have a game,” Wright said. “I’ll be wearing a rib protector or something to protect myself. I just want to be out there.”

    Wright has 62 catches, the second-highest number ever for a Titans/Oilers rookie. He is 10 behind Bill Groman’s mark of 72 set in 1960.

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    Can't wait to see what he does next season!
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