Wright, Ayers injured for Titans

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    CINCINNATI Titans receiver Kendall Wright hobbled out of the locker room here on Saturday night, his right knee in a sleeve and his mind a wreck.

    Wright left the game with a right knee injury in the second quarter and he was taken to the locker room on a cart. He had x-rays and an MRI, but was still waiting on the results after the team’s 27-19 loss to the Bengals.

    “I am pretty worried about it right now because it is stiff,’’ Wright said. “I tried to walk on it, but had to get on the cart.

    “It is tough because I always want to be out there with my teammates. I don’t like missing practices or any time on the field, I just want to be out there at all time. Hopefully it won’t be bad.”

    Wright said he doesn’t think the injury is to his ACL because he didn’t hear a pop. His hunch?

    “I think it’s a sprain,’’ he said.

    Wright suffered the injury after an 18-yard catch on the team’s final offensive drive of the first half. He said his foot got caught in the turf, which led to his knee being injured. Coach Mike Munchak said the Titans hope to get good news.

    “He’s walking around, so you take that as a good sign,’’ Munchak said. “So we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Wright, the team’s first round pick in 2013, had four catches for 44 yards before the injury.

    In addition to Wright, Titans linebacker Akeem Ayers was also carted off the field after suffering an ankle injury in the first quarter of Saturday night’s game. Ayers initially walked off the field on his own power after suffering the injury on an incomplete pass. He was taken to the locker room for tests.

    Ayers, who started 30 of 32 games in his first two seasons with the Titans, later returned to the sideline in street clothes, and was not in a walking boot.

    “He got kicked in the ankle,’’ Munchak said. “It may be more of a bruise, but we don’t know for sure.”

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  2. Zappa71

    Zappa71 MYAAAH!

    Probably wont see KW for the rest of the pre season. He'll need those 2 weeks to heal. Ayers will be sore but I don't believe he'll miss too much time.
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