WR Jarrett May Visit Titans

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest

    lol ask Gunny
  2. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    I agree.. at first i was leaning towards getting a quality WR with an early pick, but now i really don't think we should spend our picks and money on someone whose skills we won't be exploiting to the fullest..

    I'm OK with who we have on the roster at that position... but ofcourse we should make up for this at the TE position.
  3. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    puck, wat are you suggesting then we just try to win without a number 1?? if our "system" cant win with a good reciever then wtf are we using the system for? comon its common sense? our passing game was one of the worst in the leauge, mainly because we didnt have a goto reciever, Dwayne Jarrett or Bowe would provide a Deep threat and help our Red Zone Offense which struggled ALOT in 06. to say we cant use a explosive reciever is just incorrect. take a look at Drew Bennett and Derrick Mason, they were both great down field threats. and dont say "because we have Vince Young" Vince Young has an Outstanding arm, u need to reverse your opinion Having a explosive quarterback would be underutilized in this system. Why? because we dont have a go to reciever. PERIOD.
  4. wplatham

    wplatham U of M Class of 2012

    Well, with the Pacman incident looming, I can see us waiting till the second or even third rounds for a receiver. Right now, my favorites are Meachem (at any point), Bowe (in the second), or Jason Hill (my favorite choice if he can be had late in the second or in the third). Right now, I'm heavily leaning toward corner (Chris Houston especially) in the first.
  5. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    I'd take Revis over Houston any day. Especially in round one which I think we go Revis or Charles Johnson.
  6. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    1. Carriker
    2. Rice
    3. Wade
  7. Snookus

    Snookus YA DIGGGG

    I'll take Bowe, Meachem, or Jarrett in the first. Hill in the second, or Higgins in the third. I'd be happy with any of them in any of the mentioned rounds.

    If the BPA in the first isn't a CB or DL then get a WR. If there's no steals in the second and we didn't get a WR in the first, get Hill. If we didn't get a WR in the first two rounds, get Higgins. If we don't get a WR first day, we basically got screwed out of a WR.
  8. BigRed3

    BigRed3 Straight Cash, Homey

    Yeah, but could Michael Vick play reciever? :ha:
  9. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    I think good chance it's Houston or Revis in the first. I don't think Jarrett gets much of a look in one at all, but would get some consideration in two if we go to a different position. Bowe or Meachem in one I can see. And the pick could well be a DE, but Charles Johnson at #19 would be a reach.

    Jarrett can't get off the line -- I'll take the CB that jammed him before I take him (Houston), and a WR that has trouble doing that, and can't run his 40 in public yet for being too ashamed of his time, doesn't deserve to be drafted in mid-one.
  10. jfrancis04

    jfrancis04 AKA jonboy_the_titan

    If Pacman isn't gonna be on the team then I think we should go with a guy who can also be a punt/kick returner. That's why I think the Titans may look really hard at #7. Anyone think there's a long shot of him falling to us in round 2?
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