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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by jessestylex, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Woy

    Woy PA's finest.

    I see what you're coming from, but now I feel like Javon Ringer gets shafted from this. I believe he'll be a solid compliment back for CJ and will really open some eyes.

    Then again, I'm a Big Ten homer, so take it as you will. :grrhee:
  2. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    I totally am on your side for the most part, but....we've spent a great deal of picks on the D; D line in particular. Our D-line coach is the best in the biz and my contention is that we don't have to use our first rd pick to maximize production. Marks, Hayes and the others will come along; lets trust Washburn. All said and done, our line will not be the weakest link I don't think. Jevon Kearse has been washed up for a while; ever since we got rid of him; injuries devestated a once promising career. KVB was good, but he benefited from Haynesworth. Lets face facts for what it is; our D was really really good because of him. He made others better; it actually kind of makes me mad that he walked over 1m in negotiations. (according to him, and I actually believe him) We don't need a complete stud, we just need constant pressure which I think we can accomplish. We have devoted a lot of draft picks to the line and lets see the ROI. If we were that bad, we could have got Peppers. (thats another story though)

    You're right we don't pass like the Colts and Texans do; unfortunately we're in the same division. We NEED to pass; we NEED to put points on the board. Forget about VY, but even when we had Mac9; the only year we really threw it was the year he shared MVP with Manning and who were our WRs? Mason and Bennet. We need quality at that position and with Heimy as O Coordinator now is the time to air it out. I disagree that we have 4+ capable receivers wholeheartedly. I call capable a different word; consistency.
    1) Gage- inconsistent, cut by Bears, has flashes but not a game changer
    2) Washington- all the speed in the world but hands like butter. At least two games I can count this season where he indirectly cost us a game bc of drops
    3) Hawk- I like this kid a lot, he just hasn't had an opportunity to play and I don't know why so obviously the coaches know better
    4)Britt- perhaps the only real 'capable' WR that we have seen some evidence of
    5) Edison- I liked him a lot too; if he was with the saints, hed probably be a Colston type that emerges out of nowhere but alas he's with our team and isn't given preference
    IMHO we need another stud WR; I think VY is a game changer but I'll be the first to admit his balls come out high. We need a WR who can adjust and go up and get em; Dez can do this.
  3. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    Ringer would still have a seat at the table if we can unload White for a 3rd or 4th. Ringer could be the short yardage specialist and change of pace back we need to augment CJ1 and CJ2
  4. luvyablue23

    luvyablue23 Camp Fodder

    If we can draft a player that will directly/indirectly help us to put at least 30 more points on the board over the course of a season; i say draft him.

    Spiller will return at least one back to the house; and our starting field position will enable us to get more TD's and FG's. Our starting field position was one of the worst in the league last year. With him back there, we take care of two things; our return game and insurance for CJ1. He'll boost our output by 30 points, take that to the bank.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    You're right about this stuff, but we have laid out a lot of cash for Washington, he's staying. As for Gage, he's nothing I couldn't part ways with. Britt is the only real threat we have, but we're a run 1st team. I honestly don't know which pick is the right one. We turn scrubs into studs on defense, but are set on offense. So where to go? CB could be suicide if we can't generate a pass rush, DE might become a DT problem (too much for our own good), LB hasn't been a problem, so what to do.....
  6. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    The Titans need to address defense in this draft especially in the 1st round. Now if we wan't to address WR I say wait until the 3rd and see what is available. Jordan Shipley would be a heck of a pickup in the 3rd, especially since he is one of those guys that can move the chains ala Wes Welker. I can guarantee you there are few people in the NFL that have his hands and can run his routes.
  7. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Great receivers on this team is like having great running backs on the Colts.
  8. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    Maybe, but Joseph Addai was a heck of a runningback for the Colts, and I think we have a potential great receiver in Britt, what we need is someone that can compliment him. Not sure who that is or if we possibly have him already on the team, but I again say that the top priority has got to be Corner or Dline. Anything else is crazy.

    Hell I even think the Oline might be a bigger need than WR but keep in mind our receivers really do suck on the whole. I do like Cook and am very glad we are keeping Scafie.

    But you are probably right in that WR is a after thought in our offense.
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady


    You're crazy if you think Bryant will fall into the 2nd. He's the #1 WR prospect.

    I wish we didn't get Nate Washington, Dez would be perfect then :yes:
  10. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    well they are saying Dez could be a troubled player. they say he showed up late for practice and even games. One of his team staff in college said he doesnt trust Dez to show up anywhere without someone being there to drag him out of bed.

    thats why they think he will fall down the board. he is a big gamble to draft experts.
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