WR and MLB at 10 & 39

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Mar 25, 2013.


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    Dude we get shafted all the time by the big media outlets. No one cares about us but us
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    Can't judge a position as dynamic as MLB until they play in the big leagues. McCarthy has proven he's a star when healthy. Ogletree well is yet to be seen. I agree he does look like a playmaker but the FO wants impact now. They will get that with Cooper or Warmack but it's not going to do much if we draft Ogletree and McCarthy stays healthy because McCarthy will keep his starting spot for at least the first year if he stays healthy. That's a risk I think our FO will be willing to take.
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    thats true, but this is under the assumption that the FO is comfortable with the Gs we have on our roster on one that might be in the second that is probably capable. The drop off from MLB is drastic and not hardly as drastic as guard.
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    One more month. I always get anxiety this time of the year lol.
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    Response to this thread:

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    It's going to shock people and I know everyone on here will hate this, but we tend to sign a FA to fill a spot and no matter the quality of the player our front office seems to feel that because we sign a player like Bernard Pollard or Sammie Lee Hill that our problems at the safety and defensive tackle spot are solved.

    We obviously have areas of need and we have addressed some, but just because they've been addressed doesn't necessarily mean that they are "fixed." Adam Levitre was obviously a huge priority for us to sign in free agency because we need help in the interior of the offensive line. We needed a TE to come in and add depth since Cookie left and we added Walker. We've been needing to add a safety to replace Babineaux and we signed Pollard. These are just examples, but we tend to sign players in free agency and draft in other areas come April.

    As far as needs go, we could use help in many areas:

    Cornerback has been a need for a while. Now that Peyton has left the division, it doesn't seem as prevalent, but we still get burned way too often. It's embarrassing having to play ten yards off the ball just hoping not to get burned. Gotta come up with a replacement for Verner. Solution, remains to be seen. Haven't signed a FA so far and probably won't. Dee Milliner will most likely be gone by 10 and Xavier Rhodes might be a reach.

    Interior Offensive Line has been a need since Mawae left. Not saying it wasn't a need a few years ago when he was here, but when he got injured and Leroy Harris stepped in ...... it wasn't the same to say the least. Solution in Webster's mind, sign Levitre and MAYBE draft one later on in the draft. I'm hoping Warmack or Copper work out for us at 10.

    Safety again has been a weak area for a few years. Griffin has had flashes of being solid, but we've seen a lot less of that lately than we used to. He USED to be in the running for the Pro Bowl and now he's barely enough to start for a few teams. Babineaux didn't look at all this passed year like he did the year before. Personally glad he's gone. Solution so far, sign Pollard to a 1 year deal. Vaccaro is a possibility at 10.

    Defensive End hasn't produced much pressure on opposing QB's for the passed 2 years. Derrick Morgan really started to come along last year, but that still remains to be seen. He needs to be more consistent and stay healthy. Kamerion Wimberely had an OKAY 1st season with us. He is adjusting from a 3-4 scheme, but personally I expected more out of him. Solution, remains to be seen. Realistically, it seems that DE's hit in the top 7 picks if not earlier, then kind of skips over us and comes back in to play in the mid 1st round.

    Defensive Tackle has become fairly solid on our team. Jarrell Casey, Mike Martin, and Karl Klug are all young and seem to have potential, but there's not really a solid rock there. We run rotation most of the time and rely on fresh bodies so it's not a huge deal that we don't have that big name at the tackle spot, but if Star or Sharrif fall to us at 10 it could be interesting. Hard to pass up that talent.

    Tight End has been not necessarily weak, but also not great for us. It seems that we can't find an identity at that spot. I'm not sure if he want a receiving type or more of a blocker. We let Cook go, which I can understand. He wanted a lot of money and wasn't producing greatly for us offensively. Can't help it that our QB spot has been shakey though. Not really sure what to think of the Walker signing either. Remains to be seen on my end, but obviously TE isn't a position we're looking to go at 10.

    Wide Receiver is the most interesting spot to me of all the needs we have. One can look at our depth and say it's actually one of the better cores in the league and another could look and say it's one of the worst. When Britt's "on" and out trouble, he's one of the best in the league, but we really haven't seen enough of that. This upcoming year is the final year of his contract and really his last chance with us. Nate Washington has been surprisingly consistent, but his age has got to catch up with him at some point. I'm thinking if he's here this year, it will be his last in Tennessee. When Britt is gone, Nate can step up at times, but towards the end of the year he really struggled. Then we have Kendall Wright, who was drafted last year at the 20 spot and led all rookies wideouts in receptions. He was the 3rd wideout selected, so that says something to me. Honestly I think this is a spot that is a bigger need than most people think. Realistically I think out of our top 3 wide receivers, Wright will be the only one back for the 2014 season. Britt could surprise me, but I doubt it with the issues he's had. It wouldn't surpise me at all if we looked to a Wide Receiver at 10. Possibly.... Tavon Austin, maybe not. That's not necessarily what I'm hoping for, but we have been working out a few Slot FA's as of late and haven't signed a WR this offseason. Again, an interesting spot for us, but I seriously think WR could be something we look to at 10 and it wouldn't surprise me at all if we drafted one.

    Not saying these are all of our needs, just the ones that seem to stick out the most. Gotta agree with JC though. WR could definitely be something we look to early.
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