Would Jake Locker Be A Better QB With A Big Name Offensive Coordinator?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Something i've wondered lately is if the team could've brought in a bigger name coordinator such as Kyle Shanahan,Mike Sherman or Greg Roman would that make any difference as far as Jake Locker making progress or being a better QB or do you think Dowell Loggains is just as good at helping Locker become better at QB?

    For instance this season is a make or break year for Locker so its important that he do the very best he can to become better so it is Dowell Loggains job to make sure that happens the only thing is Loggains is going to be in his first full year as offensive coordinator.
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    You love making new topics don't you ;)
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    Just trying to contribute and do my part:cool:
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    I think there are coordinators that are simply BETTER. It's difficult to see a qb forced into a system that doesn't fit them. That's very rough and hard to judge while by comparison someone like rg3 basically gets a dream play book. Lol

    So simply, yes.
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    Of FCKING course he'd be better with a half decent coordinator lol. Thats why Im so behind keeping him as our QB. Only a dumb ass tries doing it how Palmer did it. Chris Palmer just doesnt understand young people, a lot of coaches his age dont, they just cant. The fact our good friend Alex1926 can even log-in amazes me. Older people are just too much unwilling to change to give a crap about todays generation. But anyways, give Jake Locker a semi up-to date coach calling plays and watch him succeed.

    I swear to God, if Loggains cant peice together this offense, then hes a absolute moron.
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    Back off my boy or its goin down
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    I don't think it is about "understanding young people" but more about being flexible enough to mold the offense around the attributes of your QB.

    Look, I read hundreds of moronic posts about how Keap wouldn't ever be a good NFL QB because he ran a pistol offense in college. Interesting that the 49ers just happended to have those plays in their play book when Kaep took over as QB. And Shannahan never ran a spread offense until he had a spread QB. And IMO the Palmer run and **** offense wasn't horrible for a guy like Hass but simply wasn't a good fit for Locker. So it doesn't take some offensive guru re-inventing a new offense. Actually it really isn't rocket science at all. Watch tape, chart plays and you can steal play books all day long. It is more about adapting what is going to work with the talent you have.
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    I still don't understand why people keep this up about Locker. He has played a total of nine games, some of them he played injured, and way too many judge him inadequate. I'm glad your parents, your teachers, your bosses didn't make that judgment about you when you were trying to succeed being a kid, a student, and a worker. Just let it go and wait and see how he does since he has a decent teacher now and he's healthy.
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    Palmer's system was just dumb. He never played to anyone's strengths and just tried to make people fit Hus system... He took a former 2000yd back, and tried to fit him into a system he wasnt comfortable with for crying out loud.

    And he did the same with Locker and the passing game.

    I don't think we need a 'big name' OC. Just a competent one. I am not writing Loggians off either. He didn't have a fair shot last year, and by all accts he has completely redone the offense. I think we will see a big improvement this year
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    this is as easy to answer as the is cj the fastest back ever. yes. the answer is simply yes....I guess I could throw in a duh but I don't feel like it. duh.