Worst Titan team?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Alex1939

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  2. Scarecrow

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    All are AFC Champs, excluding bottom three of course.
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  3. Alex1939

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    You are on right track.

    It's the order by franchise since last afc championship. Only 6 teams have won afc championships since titans. Posted for some perspective. Crazy that in practically 20 years only half the conference has won an afc championship.
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    shows how far a competent front office goes.

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    Hey Tim :D

    hows the team now a year since this post?
  6. Thaddeus43

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    About the same?

    I guess we did upgrade at CB, SS and OLB so I think the D should be better. They also have a full year in the 34 under their belts, so that should help some as well.

    However, the D's biggest weakness last year was the number of drives they had to play due to the O sucking it up and going 3 and out all the time ... and as of now, that is still our biggest weakness.

    RB situation has not improved. RT situation has not improved. LG situation has not improved. WR situation has not improved. QB situation has not improved ... Offensively we are in the same spot that we were in last year. This team will go nowhere if the offense continues to play as it did last year.

    I guess the only thing you can say has improved about the O is that we are healthy (for now), and Mett/Lewan have some experience.

    I know we haven't had the draft yet, but Webster really needs to hit it out of the park on the Offensive side of the ball IMO if we want to be competitive this year.

    But as it stands right now, I see us as a 4-5 win team. Experience for younger players and some upgrades on D are the only reason we win a couple more games this year. Still probably picking in the top 10 in 2016 though
  7. Alex1939

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    And we've still won an AFC Championship more recently than 9 other AFC teams. For perspective.
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  8. Razorbacks

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    I really think a college football team could have beaten us last season on a bad day.

    Maybe even the NDSU Bison
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