Worst Titan team?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tim, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Tim

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    Is this one of the worst Titan teams you can remember? We have a unproven qb that can't stay healthy. I don't like any of our running backs. Our wideouts are mid level at best. I truly think our d will be the strength of this team but this defense isn't great either.

    I'm not trying to hate I love the titans been a fan since 97 but I see a four win team at best
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  2. TorontoTitanFan

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    The draft hasn't happened yet. The Titans team as it currently is formulated isn't a team that will play a single NFL game.
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  3. JR1980

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    They are better than a 4 win team hands down boss. They should have had more wins last year in some tight games. I agree that we have an unproven QB and the RB group remains to be fully seen, but they also have a MUCH better coaching staff and more depth. It really comes down to this draft and filling some major holes IMO.
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  4. RockyTop Fox

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    I'm not too optimistic about our team either, but we didn't have much more talent last year either and we still won 7 games, and that was with Munchak, Grey, and Loggains running the show.

    If we have a good draft we should contend for a playoff spot, especially with our 31st ranked SoS
  5. Tim

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    I just don't see it.

    Listen I think we need a new qb but on another note I believe starting jake is our ONLY chance on winning games.

    I just think this team is lacking the things that wins games in today's football
  6. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    04-07 was pretty horrible. '09 was a really bad season, and everything since then has been a disappointment as well.

    So, basically every year since 2003.. excluding 2008, have all been horrible seasons. since 2009 have been my least favorite.

    This is better than a 4 win team. I see at least 6 or 7. Titans football has been very boring for the past 5 years or so. CJ's 2K season was the last exciting thing for the Titans to have done.. and that's long over.
  7. Scarecrow

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    its been awhile.....
  8. Wolverine

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    We should wait until after the draft to make this kind of assumption.

    I feel with a healthy Locker we are a 10+ win team. With Whitehurst a career back-up/clipboard holder as our starter (if Jake should happen to go down early) we will be in for a long season.

    Running back concerns me a little. I have faith in Greene, but after him we are very weak. I'm sure the front office will bring in someone to replace C.J via draft.

    Our receiver group is very talents with Wright, Hunter, and Washington. It does lack depth and I would like to see a big target in the draft in the later rounds.

    My biggest concern will be our transition on defense to a new scheme and having the right players. I would like to see us get bigger at the defensive ends position, and in the middle. If you remember Horton defensive calls for defensive lineman to take on multiple lineman and allow the linebackers to make the plays.
  9. Scarecrow

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  10. Tim

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    No shot 4 or 5 win team at best but if jake stays healthy I see a 8 or 9 win team