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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HonoluluYogi, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. 10ACTyrant

    10ACTyrant Starter

    meh... mariota isn't an inspirational guy and i'd say he's one hell of a leader.

    some guys lead with their play. that's foster. he makes everyone around him better.
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  2. Zack3000

    Zack3000 Special Teams Standout

    I don't think we need a top ten secondary to go to playoffs honestly. But I have faith sims and byard both step up and improve on last year.

    That why I want foster I think he will improve this defense dramatically in all honesty and wouldn't risk him falling to the 18th...

    I'm not sure what we do with the 18th. Probably an offensive position. I hope we go defense with the 5th and 18th.
  3. abc2330

    abc2330 Starter

    That's really a difficult claim to make when he's been surrounded by a lot of NFL players and has the best college defensive mind perhaps in history.
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  4. 10ACTyrant

    10ACTyrant Starter

    not if you've watched him play for more than two seconds
  5. 10ACTyrant

    10ACTyrant Starter

    he also dressed up like saban for signing day so he's def got a sense of humor at least

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  6. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    I want Foster and a CB.

    But now that i've said that, I'm convinced the Titans will take a TE and a Safety. Can't ever have enough TEs to run Gigantor or Jumbo sets from the 45 yd line. And we are gonna experiment with a new Hybrid 6 Safety lineup.
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  7. Tricky

    Tricky Special Teams Standout

    I keep trying to trade back and still get great value with the first pick and I never like how it turns out. When I trade back from 5 to 10-14, the guys I want with our first pick always seem to go before it comes back to me. In the scenario, the only player I valued for the pick that was left was OJ Howard. Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.50.15 PM.png
  8. ICBW

    ICBW Starter

    DeDe Westbrook in 3rd.
  9. NotoriousZEUS

    NotoriousZEUS Rookie

    Maybe not, but it has to improve with which Ryan alone and some depth in 3rd round might be enough in a division as weak as the AFC South but I could very well see Indy doing well, and if Houston gets a QB we can forget about winning the division. Plus, who wants to just go to the playoffs? I want to win a Super Bowl. Foster to me isn't a top 5 prospects, and we have Woodyard and Williamson. Secondary is a bigger priority and more talented. It would make zero sense to me, wait until the third to pick up an inside ILB for some depth behind Woodyard and with how deep ILB is this year, possibly someone that could take over too.

    We've got to be better than a top 10 WORST secondary to beat the likes of Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, and that is what we should be aiming for.
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  10. 10ACTyrant

    10ACTyrant Starter

    i don't know who this guy is but he writes for profootballfocus and said this in his latest mock:

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