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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Woolfolk is a bust and the 2006 season will only prove that further.

  2. Woolfolk has had a rough time of it but I expect him to play at a high level in the 2006 season.

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  1. Ha, the whole thread is a cloudy hate thread. Now, check this out... My line under my avatar says Bloodrite Fan and guess what, I have never denied being a Broncos fan that was won to being a Titans Fan because of blood. That is real as real can be. If Andre was a Raider or Chief, I wouldn't be on this board. NO compromise there. The Chargers I can stomach. If you are as loyal and honest about wanting him to succeed as you say, then acknowledge the truth. Sometimes you and all the time others try to make your point so much that you make him sound like a pure garbage player. That is when I pull the chain back and choke words out of you. Biased no, I have mentioned Andre's mistakes, I am simply asking some of you to acknowledge his successes and quit talking like he is a liability everytime he steps on the field... That is unacceptable and will bring biased talk out of anyone supporting someone. If you don't want to read my biased opinions then simply do what you guys tell me to do... Put me on ignore.... I am actually having a little fun with you, because the more I post my defenses, the more you get upset. Naive:rotfl: That is funny. Like I was saying in my posts, none of us has an opinion worth more than this board, unless you are a writer in some publication somewhere, then you automatically have power none of the rest of us have. Publications, i.e. magazines, newspapers, online or printed carry clout, not you, not I, not anyone here on GoTitans. Now if you truly shared the thoughts of the team, then you'd give Andre some credit and more than you do, because those men smart enough to get chosen and perform as coaches, do believe in him enough to keep him in the mix. Out of the mix would be a switch between he and Waddell, Gardner, and Beckham. Yes, I take most of the posts in this thread as straight up biased against Andre garbage and nothing you say is going to change it so save it and put me on ignore. Start a new thread, why don't you.. Call it ... How many of us will put WU on ignore? Do it ... then you'll have your peaceful board and me, I guess I will just continue to be me... Ha...
  2. BiPolar, you are the Man. Of course, you know that none of what I said was meant towards you and I know you did not mean any harm, however, the wolves were waiting for the Woolfolk thread. Adamwinn51, my point is that not acknowledging any successes and only acknowledging low points is not true support. Now, about my loyalty.. I will say it again Bloodright, Bloodrite, however you want to spell it, I grew up hating the OU Sooners, being from Colorado and guess what so did Andre. After an all state honors receiving player gets shafted by his own state universities CU and CSU but heavily recruited by OU (Barry Switzer actually still recruits for OU and did go to Denver and recruit Andre). It took me a season, but I started rooting for OU and guess what.... I still do (JWill)...So I will still root for the Titans if Andre departs, but I will never, now or in the future root for the Titans vs the Broncos. That is the honest , loyal truth. The only exceptions to Bloodright fanship are the Raiders and the Chiefs. I cannot and will not ever be fans of either.
  3. Good post.... Good Post...
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