Woolfolk Fighting to Keep Job

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    Titan Pass D, including the Nickle and Dime, has been routinely tourched for 2 years now. Just cause dehr Schwartzie puts 11 guys on the field with "supposedly" solid preperation does not mean he deserves any credit.

    Here's what MbSGWB has done the last two seasons - 439 and 421 points Frenched to the opponents. That's 860 points in 32 games for an 26.9 average. The O would need to score 4TDs to be competitive.

    THE D HAS STUNK and the only CREDIT anyone deserves is Schwartz deserves to be fired!
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    There are rumors that Woolfolk has been watching tape of Hill's play last year in an attempt to improve his reaction time and break on the ball. Woolfolk said he wants to really closely examine the CB play of those players that are superior to him so that maybe one day he can be as good.:ha:
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    Everyone knows it is hard to judge our pass defense based on the last 2 years but there is no question the pass defense under schwartz has not been outstanding even when we had pretty good players at DB. Even in 2002 and 2003 while our run defense was one of the leagues best our pass defense wasn't that good.

    I brought this issue up after the 2002 playoffs when not only rich gannon lit us up but also tommy maddox. We gave up 72 points in 2 playoff games! We should have been much more competitive. There was a lot of talent on that defense carter-haynesworth-smith-godfrey-bulluck-sirmon-rolle-dyson-tank-shulters. Kearse was several games back from his foot injury. Nobody should have put up 40 points against that team.

    In 2000 with just a little more talent we were 1st in pass defense.

    OK, All you bashers are having fun aren't you... The question was asked of Fisher Wednesday: When was the last time was that there was consistency at nickel back the entire season from start to finish and his answer was Donald Mitchell 2002.... then he was asked..... here direct paste from Coach Fisher's Wednesday MiniCamp Report......

    "on the difference it would make to have a solid nickel back the entire season)

    It has. When Andre was playing it the past couple of years prior to the injury, he just kept improving and made some big plays two years ago prior to getting hurt in Jacksonville. It is a competitive spot and a spot that is not easy to learn. We actually consider it to be a starting position, a starting corner position because we play so many snaps with three corners on the field."

    Like I have said all along, when Andre is healthy he steadily improves .... His key is to stay healthy.... He will steadily improve this year.... I believe he will stay healthy.... All of you Bashers and this thread proves your are.... If the shoe fits just keep wearing it and enjoy it with your million and one jokes and misguided critcisms. Andre is a class hard working, never say die competitor.... he will continue to improve and perform... Just make sure that as he makes plays you be true to the Titans and cheer him also.... Or No, those of you who believe he is garbage, just do this as your in the stands dressed out in complete Titans Gear.... When he makes plays stand up and dis him at the top of your lungs ... call him names ..... scream at the top of your lungs, because you really want the world to know how much you hate him..... Then I hope the real Titans fans in the stands throw cokes, popcorn, nacho cheese and Logans Roadhouse Barbecue all over you. If you can get the gall to boo a class player making plays.... that's what you deserve..... I'm done with this thread..... Have fun..... It's minicamp, Camp, PreSeason and the Season all coming up.... I am going to remain happy and enjoy..... All you that don't have a quality post that makes sense that is written simply because you want to see the team doing it's best, not written just to bash..... My hat's off to you..... Believe it or not... I notice Roll Tide ... your posts have been respectable.... The other Brian followers, I have zero respect for and can care less if you like me or have any respect for me...... Peace Out..... See all the rest of you in other threads...... WU...... OUT [​IMG]
  5. thanks, I love the edit key.... Have you ever heard of an edit key... I missed it at first and haven't seen one (A Citroen') since 96, when I was in Palma or should I say on Palma, Mallorca Spain (an Island right of the coast of Spain .... A great resort and business center.... Good Stop for Navy Ships.... Anyway..... Eeeeehm.... it's fixed....yeahhhhh!!!![​IMG]
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  7. Lets see...Soft would be no recovery, soft would be hey I'm hurt, my heart is gone.... I won't hit hard anymore...Wrong, after each injury he seemed to put on harder hits.... He is all heart and I believe everyone knows that. Now my response is not one of hate and discontent, note I am not viewing you as the typical .... I hate him guy, but I think you're off on this. He had 2 years on the rookie that got the spot but to his credit. He had only one year of action combined or discredit if you want to zero in on the first two years of injuries.... which by the way the first two years - season ending injuries were caused by fellow Titans diving into pile ups late on special teams. Pileups in which Andre brought the heat gunning to returner, hitting them starting the tackle, first year ankle hanging out (probably due to his long legs (majority of my family is high waisted, meaning longer legs), his own player dives in helmet first and screws up his ankle to the point of surgery and rods implanted.... next season special teams he makes tackle and guess what a helmet hits his wrist pops it out, surgery required, screws inserted..... He did not even get a full camp at all (no mini camps0 for the beginning of the next seasons following those injuries (one being last season) as his rehab was not 100% complete. Yet he fought to do what he has done thus far... Don't dime him out yet. the article said he's fighting and he is aware more than all of you just how uphill a battle it is. He has always fought uphill battles, thus the non-recruit job of his instate universities CU and CSU because he was 6'1" 177 coming out of high school...ooohhh too thin for them, so he went to OU, yes offered full ride but they were garbage, worked his way into starting #2 receiver role... then starting corner roll while playing receiver.... this is no heart right.... Won national title in sophmore year while playing both ways offense and defense.... soft right..... old news yeah..... current news... The article that started this thread shows him staring right at adversity and hard charging at it with the goal to overtake it... He always has..... I believe he will..... You all are absolutely right to not believe in him..... doesn't matter to him or me or anyone else in his corner..... He has come out swinging haymakers and some of them are going to connect..... Injury alone is not his only hope... his hard work, drive and determination are..... Now all of you who don't respect that can KISS OFF............ NOW I'M DONE!!!!!!!!

    OHHHH!!! FORGOT, I will let you pass on your challenge to accomodate me in a pissing contest.... trust me, you don't want that, trust me..... somebody please warn him..... or invite him to some recent SR thread links referencing uhhh, maybe the Raiders or Ravens sites for instance....
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    is Tweety a male or female?
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    Don't ask how I know, but male.
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    sounds like a chick, and a whiner.
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