Woolfolk Fighting to Keep Job

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  1. Titans2004

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    The key to a good defense is not just in getting a good pass rush, but also in being able to stop the run. We had more sacks last yr than we did in the previous 2 yrs and yet they came against 50 fewer pass attempts. So we were getting to the QB, problem was we couldn't stop the run and we had 2 rookie CBs. We only totaled 9INTS which was 5th worse in the league. Hopefully with the improvement of our CB play and more speed at LB and safety we should get a few more INTs this yr.

    If we don't pick up a vet CB then Woolfolk will be our only experienced depth on the outside.
  2. bulluck4dMVP

    bulluck4dMVP Pro Bowler

    wrong.....fuller plays all the DB positions....
  3. 4andershv

    4andershv Camp Fodder

    Eeeeehm ....... NO!!!!
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    spelling cop? Citroen.

  5. Vigsted

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    It's called Citröen, but let's not split hairs
  6. RollTide

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    Where did you get that fuller plays all DB positions? I was at several of their early camp practices and he was only playing inside. I never saw him outside in the pre-season either. Since his season ended with a week one injury how would we know he plays all 4(actually 5 or 6) DB positions? When you go to baptist park you can stand pretty close to the action and they ran 7 on 7 and 5 on 5 type drills and the guys playing outside were woolfolk, hill, gardner, waddell and beckham as well as other guys who wouldn't make the team. I don't recall #22 on the outside.

    Edit: I did a search and found an article that talked about fuller learning various assignments and positions in last years camp. He works in the regular defense as a FS. Of course they are now trying to eliminate the concept of free or strong at that position. He is learning the nickel and my guess is that he is learning 2 seperate assignments in the dime.
    Remember how we played the dime in the past with sculters up near the line of scrimmage and cody or mcgarrahan playing the pure FS spot? Shulters would guard a RB, TE or slot WR and even occasionally blitz. He was versatile enough to do that. While cody and mcgarrahan would normally play zone. My guess is that they are trying fuller at alll those spots now.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Woolfolk in schulters role in the dime?

    In our dime package we have typically used 3 safeties and 3 corners. Our three primary cover guys would be the two corners and the nickel, then we would have have 2 safeties back and another safety playing close to the line more like a nickel back-linebacker. Schulters played that versatile role near the line very well and last year nobody seemed to have that role. Schulters played that role well because he could cover TEs, RBs or WRs. As the 6th man in the box he also had some run responsibilities.

    My thinking is that woolfolk might be close to ideal in that role. He has the size to cover bigger RBs and TEs and should be able to handle the opponents 4th best WR. Because andre can tackle well he can handle the run responsibility. Because andre is used to playing inside it won't be like learning a whole new position and his ability to play near the line of scrimage allows us the luxury of keeping hope back where he can free lance more in a zone or in double teams and maybe get a couple more ints.

    I don't know if they are even considering andre in this role and more likely it will be hope playing there with someone like lowry playing back. It's worth thinking about though.

    Note that these type of dime packages were a very smart use of our talent and schwartz deserves some credit. We were able to make good use of limited players like cody and mcgarrahan.
  8. Brian

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    RollTide: In a TitansCentral chat, Blake Beddingfield suggested that Fuller could play outside.
  9. Brian

    Brian Big Fan

    I think you may be on to something. If the team thinks Fuller is their #3 cover guy (as Beddingfield 'suggested'), then that leaves a spot in the dime for Andre. I could live with that.
  10. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Fuller can play outside if necessary.

    "Fuller moved to cornerback in 2002, starting four games. He totaled 23 tackles (16 solos) with an assisted sack, a forced fumble, six pass breakups and four interceptions. Fuller added three starts at cornerback in 2003, producing a career-high 56 tackles (29 solos) with three fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles, an interception and seven deflected passes."
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