Woolfolk Fighting to Break Back into Lineup

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    SUMMARY: CB Andre Woolfolk has been turning some heads at Titans training camp and, according to his coach, quietly improving as he enters his fourth season. "Once you get into your third or your fourth year and you've been hampered and set back by injuries -- one, you have to stay healthy, and secondly, you have to make plays. That's what we're looking for from him right now," Fisher said. Woolfolk has battled numerous injuries throughout his career along with some consistency issues. He's hoping his improvement may earn him a spot in the lineup. "I feel like knowledge isn't the part holding me back," Woolfolk said. "It's just I've got to make sure I produce when I'm out there. If they see potential in me and I go out and fail, that's no good. I've got to make sure I'm consistent and stay on the field."

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  2. Gunny

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    pfft, Reynaldology will never allow this.
  3. Ewker

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    no offense Gunny but Hill didn't look good last Sat night.
  4. Gunny

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    I heard only one game though, we'll see what happens next game.

    I bet Brian is having a heart attack right now.
  5. fltitan

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    Woolfolk has the talent good size and speed but may lack the football instincts it takes to be a great corner. He always seems to be a step late reacting or getting to where he needs to be. I hope he can stay healthy and compete with "The Chosen One" may the best man win but I wouldn't worry to much about Hills performance in the 1st half of the 1st exibition game. It would be nice to have depth at corner with 3 excellent CBs.
  6. Titansfan10

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    Hill seems to be a solid corner though and will only improve as time goes, Woolfolk will stay on the team for depth and should be a good answer for the nickel corner.... Unless whenever Waddell returns then there may be competition, Fuller doesn't impress me at all and i would have to think Woolfolk could hold back Fuller
  7. RollTide

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    Was that a staff report from last year?

    Woolfolk is entering his 4th season not his third..

    His football life is on the line. I'm sure he doesn't want to be a 500k a year backup somewhere. With 4 training camps and 3 seasons under his belt seasoning is not the issue any longer.
  8. RollTide

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    The coaching staff is certainly impressed with fuller. He is the starting nickel at least at this point and beat out waddell for that spot last season as a rookie.
  9. TitanJeff

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    Thanks for the correction. I should never do math before noon.
  10. Blazing Arrow

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    I wish my position was like that. I do a mediocre job and they cut my salary to 500K.

    Fuller had the only real interception of the preseason so far. Woolf's was nice but it was a duck at the end of the half. I am glad to see Fuller back in last years form personally.
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