With the #10 Pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select... Lane Johnson, OT/Oklahoma

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    Normally, teams draft "potential" when they can let the player sit and learn and it won't hurt the team (like a contender - playoff bound year in and year out) or they draft "potential" when they don't expect to be good for a couple of years (but the organization is willing to take a risk). When you feel your team is on the cusp of being a contender, you normally don't draft "potential." You want someone who can come in and contribute immediately.

    The Patriots and San Francisco are examples of teams that can draft potential (because talent wise they are stacked). We are on the cusp of being in the playoffs or this staff is going to be fired, so they are less likely to draft potential. They need the immediate contributor.

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    I am definitely a Lane Johnson fan, however as I've said many times, put a competent RG next to Stewart and he's back to Pro Bowl form.

    There's no need to further complicate things by moving a LT to RT, a RT to RG, and having them play together for the first time. IMO it's easier to plug a RG in at RG and take off. When you start playing guys out of position, things get sloppy. Rights become lefts, lefts become rights, and that's no good for anyone.

    If anything, draft Lane Johnson to play Guard for a year or two, he's tall, but he gets really low, so I think he could make it work better than Stewart at Guard.
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    Every player you draft is based off of potential. Some just have more than others in regards to floors and ceilings and some are further along but nobody is a finished product going to the pros.

    Lane would be a surprise but I wouldn't be upset.
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    I believe this comment was directed to my previous response and I would agree. Let's say a more established college player (3/4-year starter) is a better fit for the Titans that a one-year wonder. (Note: I am not saying Lane Johnson is a one year wonder)
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    Honestly, unless we just totally reach, I don't think there's many potential #10 picks I'd be too upset with at this point. Warmack, Cooper, Johnson, Ansah, Milliner, Lotulelei, Rhodes.... I'd be content with any of those guys. I'd prefer we not go WR or LB but I won't be flipping out or anything if we do. We've had a great offseason so we can afford to go BPA, whoever that may be.
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    If the Titans want to dip their toes in that water, it would make a lot more sense to take DJ Fluker in the 2nd round and start him at RG for a few years and then eventually transition him out to RT when Stewart is ready to hang them up.
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    People need to [​IMG]

    We're not taking an offensive tackle. We're not taking a LB. We're not taking a WR.
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    And we are not taking a CB.
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    I high fived the gif because that's awesome. But the only positions that we can rule out taking in the 1st is K, P, QB and RB at this point.
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    Only because there's not one worthy of a 1st round pick.

    Every other position is literally in play.