With Dungy out, is the AFC South ours 4 ever?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by jessestylex, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I think they're close but I don't think they can beat the Titans or the Colts next year. The Colts may have a new coach but, if they keep their core players, they're still going to be hard to beat.

    Congrats on moving up in the world but, what hair are you referring to?
  2. CRUDS

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    The day will come when Peyton won't have a good team around him - showing his years and start forcing it ala Favre.
    Still a few seasons away though..
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  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    it's the message displayed if you move your pointer across the the reputation icons in the user's post.

    i.e. SEC 330 BIPOLAR hangs shirtless with Vince :brow:
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    :biglaugh: at 'for ever'..

    what are you, 7?
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    the Colts can name Barney The Purple Dinosaur as head coach and the Colts would still have the ability to take the division. They aren't going anywhere, at least for a while, so relax, and enjoy being a fan of the team that wears a division crown and don't dare take that for granted. You saw what a big injury can do at a key position with Chris Johnson against the Steelers. If Johnson doesn't get hurt the Titans get rolling and win that game. That ended our season. We don't have any stability at the quarterback position. The Collins vs. Young soap opera hasn't even begun to wind up. We have a ton of FA's coming up to sign... this team has a lot in place and now is a defining time in Mike Reinfeldt's tenure here. The Titans have ALOT of work and ALOT of questions surrounding their future. It wouldn't surpise me one bit to see the media blow-hard/espn types pick Tennessee to go 7-9 next year. I swear, I really think they could hate on the team that bad, but the argument could be made, that is, if our GM royally screws the pooch, the Titans go down in two tone flames. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Reinfeldt is there to get it done right. Hopefully the fa period and draft will answer some of these questions as the preseason approaches. Nevermind that. If you listen to anything I say, listen to this. Going about counting chickens is a good way to get egg on your face.
  7. BudAdams

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    i mean, Peyton is pretty much the coach of that team anyway, so i dont think we'll notice a difference until he's gone
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