With Brown done, Texans to shuffle at safety

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Houston's strong safety C.C. Brown is finished for the year after suffering a fractured arm that turned out to be worse than the Texans had hoped.
    "It looks like it's about a 10- to 12-week recovery process," Gary Kubiak said. "We thought maybe it was something that could take about a month if he could play with a cast, but that's not the case because of where the break is. Like I said, C.C. will be done for the year."
    The team will sort through a couple options as it prepares for its first home game of the season, Sunday against Indianapolis.
    If will Demps remains at free safety, Brandon Harrison would likely play strong.
    If Demps moves to strong, Nick Ferguson could take over at free.
    Another possibility is veteran Eugene Wilson, who hasn't played since he was signed Sept. 3.
    The difference between the two positions has become, as with many teams, pretty subtle.
    "We'll take a look," Kubiak said. "We'll get Nick involved, naturally. We want to get Brandon Harrison involved, we'll see how he comes off of his (shoulder) injury. You could very well see a rotation of three players there as well."
    The Texans felt pretty good about their safety depth. But losing anyone for the season hurt, especially a team that's winless and 30th in points allowed.
    Rookie Dominique Barber is less likely to emerge as a regular but could get in the mix.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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