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    The knee injury that’s temporarily sidelined Kendall Wright has provided another opportunity for Damian Williams to show his versatility.

    A receiver who’s shown the ability to play on the outside or in the slot, Williams will be doing more of the latter for at least the next couple of weeks as Wright recovers from his knee sprain.

    Williams says there are advantages to playing both positions.

    “A guy like (the New York Giants’) Victor Cruz makes a lot of his money in the slot and that’s because it’s a match-up problem,” Williams said. “A lot of times you get safeties and linebackers that you go up against that aren’t used to covering in space, so that’s probably the thing I like most about it.

    “But there are advantages to being outside, too. There’s more true coverage – more man-to-man coverage – when you’re outside.”

    Through two preseason games, Williams leads the Titans in receiving yards (100) and average yards per catch (16.7), and he’s tied for the team lead with six catches. The three-year veteran says he feels more comfortable in the offense every season.

    “I think I’m just older, to be honest,” Williams, 25, said of his strong preseason start. “Not older in a bad way, just having experience. I’m used to just coming in and playing, and working in different situations.”

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  2. Alzarius

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    Doesnt matter if he doesnt see the field.

    Hope that changes this season if our WR's struggle like they did last season.
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