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    The youth football camps Damian Williams attended as a kid made a lasting impression.

    Now, the Titans receiver wants to do his part to give young athletes in Nashville something to remember. Williams is hosting a football camp this Saturday at Father Ryan High School. He’s spent the last few days in Springdale, Ark., working the same football camp he attended as a kid.

    Williams said his message to campers will be the same one attached to his foundation: I am H.I.M (History in the Making).

    “I feel like all the kids that are going to benefit from the foundation, who are going to be able to go on and pursue a higher education, that’s the history we need to recreate in America,’’ Williams said.

    “Right now in America there is so much destruction going on, and I feel it is because of a lack of education. A lot of these kids don’t go on to college and they are struggling for money or they are struggling to get by and a lot of times that’s when crimes are committed. I feel like kids need that little bit of encouragement to let them know, “Just because you are not great in one subject doesn’t mean you can’t go to college and excel.” In life, some of them just need than little bit of encouragement. I want to change the history of this country. I hope I can make a difference.”

    The camp at Father Ryan is open to grades 8th-12th, and is for skill positions only. The cost of the camp is $25.

    Registration begins at 7:30 a.m., and the camp runs from 8:30-1 p.m. Each camper will receive a t-shirt and autographed trading card, and lunch will be provided. For complete details, including online registration, visit IAMHIMFONDATION.com

    Williams plans to teach fundamentals at the camp, while also spreading a positive message. Back in the day, Williams said he attended a camp veteran Titans safety George Wilson worked while at Arkansas. The two became NFL teammates this offseason.

    “It is one thing to get instruction from high school coaches, but when you get a chance to learn from guys who made it to the most elite level, I feel like it gives you something to strive for,’’ Williams said.

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    Would be good to see D will step up this year. And not unheard of. Derrick Mason was a scrub until his fourth year. Other than the return game he did not contribute much.

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    D Will is no scrub, he's got potential.

    I wouldn't expect him to bust out and become a star, but he's certainly capable of playing in the NFL.
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