Williams’ status unclear for rest of season

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    When tight end Jared Cook is officially placed on injured reserve, it will mark the 15th Titans player of the year to be so designated.

    But there could be more.

    The Titans are unsure whether wide receiver Damian Williams, who sat out last Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury, will return for any of the final three games of the season.

    “We thought his might be a two-week deal. We were hoping that’s all it would be,” Munchak said. “We don’t know that yet, so we’ll see how he is this week. And (if he misses the upcoming against the New York Jets), we’ll decide … Again, with things getting so close and only a couple of weeks left, then you start making decisions on is it worth bringing certain guys back or not, depending on what their injuries are with only three weeks to go.”

    In other injury news, Munchak said rookie defensive end Scott Solomon will get an MRI to determine the severity of a knee injury he suffered last Sunday.

    Middle linebacker Colin McCarthy, who missed the Titans’ last two games with a concussion, is expected to return to action against the Jets.

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