Will Whisenhunt Get Who He Wants At QB Position This Season Or In The Future?

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    And Jake has improved his vision every year since joining the team.

    What people never realize is; Jake Locker didn't enter the NFL as a well polished QB. He wasted many of his football years playing more of a RB QB type. He didn't have the years under his belt that Andrew Luck and other top choice QB's did when being drafted.

    NOW though, now he's got those years of experience as a pro style QB to really move forward, and fully expect he will.

    Just as he's improved his pocket awareness, he's also improved in every other phase including how not to get leveled by a LB. There is no reason he should be exposing himself to the hits he does. By now I belive he's got that, and will make better decisions while on the move. There were many examples of this last year, he'd pull up and throw the ball instead of tucking it and scrambling.

    The season ending injury last year came on a handoff, thats just plain bad luck.
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    He wasn't playing good since he came back from his first injury.
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    I really do hope we draft a QB early in the first couple rounds.Doing the fifth and sixth round pick on a QB is stupid in my opinion and wasting a pick.If they are serious pick one the first few rounds or fourth at the very latest if Murray is still there.
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    I think he'll have a good year if he can stay on the field. I'm rooting for him this year and like him as our QB going forward. That said, if this year is yet another injury filled one, I'm done completely and it'll be time to move on. Really hope he pulls a Stafford and gets regularly healthy after so many injuries.
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