Will Whisenhunt Get Who He Wants At QB Position This Season Or In The Future?

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    When new regimes and new coaching staffs come into a situation with a team, a lot of the times they want their guy at quarterback.With Lockers inability to stay healthy and on the field it only seems to make sense that Whiz would use one of his draft picks to obtain a player at the most important position.

    One of the biggest question marks going into the season will be what the Titans do at quarterback. Look at these scenarios and see which ones are most likely.

    One scenario is we don't make any changes at QB, with Locker as the starter, Fitz as the backup, and Wilson as the third string.Locker hasn't managed to stay healthy and we still don't know have no clue how his foot will be.Fitz is an ok backup, but I hate to have to use him as a starter for multiple games.

    The thing i hope happens is we draft a QB in the first or second round. If this happens that could mean Locker stays but Fitz would be cut.

    I'm fine with Garoppolo,Mettenberger,Murray,Fales,etc. any of those would likely be picked as we won't be able to pick any of the first three QB's Bridgewater,Manziel or Bortles.I'll say right off the bat i'm not too big a fan of Derek Carr.

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    If Andy Reid can make it work with Alex Smith, Whiz can make it work with Jake.
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    Its a huge dilemma. Damned if we do damned if we don't. I can't forsee us doing bad enough to have a super high pick even if Jake sucks or gets injured like he has done every year for his entire football career dating back to UW. That sets us up picking somewhere in the same general area just outside of when the top QB's are picked. We needed to freaking lose the last two games. Fuking Munch having lasting consequences and he isn't even here.

    I happen to think Carr could succeed in the right system. He's an above average athlete, with prototypical size and arm strength. His numbers are inflated but half the NFL is already moving towards are predominantly spread offense. I like Manziel as most know so I'd love to see him last to us or at some point take a flier on Murray. I don't know when we will take a QB but I can't imagine us not taking a shot.
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    But see that's the thing Smith isn't a SB QB. Everyone knows he's a game manager I don't want a game manager. That's awesome in the regular season when not everyone you play is a playoff team but come play offs you need a guy who has that it factor. Smith didn't win games he just didn't lose them. Charles and the D won games.
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    Smith has shown he's a bit more than a game manager. Eli Manning is a game manager, but with the right combination of defense and luck, he has 2 rings.

    These are Alex Smith passer ratings
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    I think Alex Smith is capable of winning a Super Bowl. He threw for like 400 yards and 4 TDs in the playoff game against the Colts. That's not managing a game. He also won the 49ers that playoff game against the Saints a couple years ago.

    He threw for 3300 yards, 23 TDs, and 7 INTs last season.

    I would kill for those numbers.
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    Eli is clutch when it matters. Also Alex Smith has never thrown for more than 23 td's when in this day of age that is commonplace with all the rules benefiting offenses. Eli has thrown for 23 touchdowns or more in 7 of 10 seasons one was his rookie year and his down year last year account for 2 of those. Eli and Alex Smith should never be brought up in the same conversation. Smith has 2 3,000 yd seasons and Eli has 3 4,000 yd seasons and 6 3,000 yd seasons with his rookie year being the only time he did not surpass that mark. I would take Eli's career in Tennessee blue any day and I stand by my statement that Smith is a game manager that will never win a super bowl or even make it to the big game. I don't care what he did against a soft colts def in the playoffs.
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    I'm completely convinced it's Jake and no one else this year. The 2014 season will be a referendum on who he is. Either he stays healthy and proves without question he's the starter in 2015 and beyond, or he's off the roster and the Titans push to draft a QB in 2015.
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    He couldn't make it work with anyone other than Kurt Warner in Arizona.

    Locker is damaged goods and this will probably be the last year he's a Titan.

    Of course I want him to succeed and am happy with Whiz I just still don't think Jake Locker is the QB this team needs to win.
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    You have to be on the field to be that. Something he has consistently shown he can't do. That's why I've given up on Jake
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