Will Titans Overcome Playoff Drought This Season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Never before has this team went this long between playoff appearances.Between 1999 and 2008 There was a three year period 04-06 where they missed out on the postseason but made the postseason six years within a ten year span between 1999 and 2008.

    There has been a four year period now of no postseason from 2009 through 2012 but this offseason we have finally added a few players in free agency and we still have the draft coming.Not only will our roster look quite different but we have made a few coaching changes too including bringing back Gregg Williams to whip the defense back into shape.

    Jake Locker will have to play well in order for us to succeed and a lot of jobs are on the line so there is a sense of urgency to do well.

    Every one of our preseason opponents made the playoffs last season and also below is our regular season opponents.

    In my opinion in order for us to have success we are going to have to do well in our division and that means we have to quit dropping both games to the Colts and we are going to have to win at least one of our games against the Texans.I think we can win every one of our home games except San Francisco might be the hardest.On the road we go against a rebuilding Steelers team who we beat last season.We also go on the road to St. Louis and Oakland and i think we can win both of those.The three hardest road games will be Houston,Denver and Seattle and those three will be tough games.Going against Seattle will be probably the toughest road game because not only is it a long trip to the west coast it is also against probably the toughest team in the NFC besides the 49ers.

    Home Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, San Diego,Seattle,
    San Francisco, N.Y. Jets
    Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Denver, Oakland, St. Louis,Arizona,
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    No... but I think we'll come close - which ain't good enough and that means it's time to clean house. Webster can maybe stay if he also drafts well.

    The drought I'm worried about is not the playoff appearance one... it's the playoff win drought. That's at 9 years currently. Even the Jags have won a playoff game since then. Awful.

    Also, I'm going to keep repeating myself until everyone on this board knows that we play Seattle at home and Arizona away. I don't care what the site you're getting these lists from say. They're wrong.

    In 2009, we played the NFC West. We played Arizona and St. Louis at home. We played Seattle and San Francisco away. Now we do the opposite. That's how it works. In 2017, we will do the same thing we did in 2009. It's a simple rotation. You guys should definitely remember that Arizona game due to the 99 yard TD drive. C'mon.

    If I am somehow wrong (which let's be honest here, is pretty unlikely), then the scheduling rules have been changed this season and make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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    I definitely know you are right about the schedule rotation therefore you are correct.

    I am going to change it above.

    We should be playing Seattle at home and Arizona away.I do remember the 99 yard TD drive against Arizona at home i also remember C.J. almost breaking Dickerson's rushing record at Seattle in the last game of the season when he ran one back nearly 65 yards but we got penalized for holding however C.J. did go over 2,000 yards rushing for the season.
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    Remember that whopping of Baltimore to open the 2011 season? That game showed me that Munch can get it done against the better teams in this league. I see a 7 to 10 win season, though probably missing the playoffs. If we win the games we're supposed to, and pull an upset or two, we could make the playoffs with around 10 wins. Remember that the AFC is at a low point at the moment, so even 9-7 teams have a shot to sneak in.
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    :biglaugh: What about EVERY other game he has ever coached? That is literally the only game he has on his side. I'm pretty sure that was the only time Munch has beaten a winning team, other than the gift-wraped texans win? At this point I think it's safe to compare Munch to a certain blind squirrel, and that ravens game was his nut. If we run with that same logic, Munch has shown that he certainly knows how to get blown out by good teams too.
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  6. Big Time Titan

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    We shall overcome.

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    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I am cautiously optimistic that we can get into the playoffs this year
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    We have some other good moments in the Munch era as well.. 2011 was a decent year as a whole. We had blowout road wins against Cleveland and Carolina. Locker did a great job rallying the team when he was called.. We were a drive away from winning in Atlanta, and a pass away from winning against New Orleans. I realize we also had pathetic losses at Jacksonville and Indy that year, had a few blowouts vs Houston and ****tsburgh, and lost a crucial game to Cincy.

    I really want to have faith in Munch going forward, but I dunno if I can. If Munch can get our guys playing like they did against Baltimore and New Orleans in 2011, we are a playoff team.
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    If Williams returns to his old self and puts some disipline in the DL, I believe we can emerge from the depths of boredom to the highlights of victory in '13.
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    To paraphrase Kobe Bryant, We were going into a gunfight with butter knives. Now we have guns to bring to the gun fight.