Will the Titans be traveling to London?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Ticket prices do not go down.
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    Being in England and only about an hour and a halfs train ride from Wembley , heres my five cents.

    Can the UK support an NFL franchise team ? In my opinion , no. Maybe a season or two of sellouts before everyone drifts off and does something else because of the costs and travelling to London from other parts of the UK ; staying in London and London costs are vastly inflated over the rest of the UK.

    Can the UK sell-out three games at Wembley ? Depending on the match-ups I think so. Three though IMO is as far as Godell can go before people start to get a little miffed if they do not identify with a particular franchise.

    Should US fans get reductions on tickets and assistance with costs. Certainly yes , Godell needs to get a scheme in place to sort this. Personally I would rather that the games had a gameday feel about them rather than the glorified type of pro-bowl atmosphere over here at the games while the novelty factor still exists. Would I go and see the Raiders vs whoever in my Titans jersey and go "because its a game" ? No way.

    Do I feel sorry for the fans of teams losing a home game. Yeah , but one of eight every so often is no great beanshaker if Godell opens up a scheme akin to what I have described above.

    I have supported the franchise for nearly 34 years and if they shock up at Wembley I will go. I don't have much cash and my girlfriend has back problems that mean a long flight to the US is off the list. It might be the only chance I get of seeing the team play.

    All this exercise is , is a moneyspinner for the NFL which I don't really support or agree with as a whole but if it means that I get to see the guys play at least once .... consider me a sell-out to Godell's pocket and send my apologies down the line to the poor saps that have given up a home game for my benefit.
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    How in the world are you going to have a football tournament in the span of two weeks lol
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    more importantly, how many injuries would occur? At some point everyone will get a chance to play lol
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    I want us to do it. We won't lose a home game either. Come on Roger
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    I think it would be *neat* for maybe one game a year, in random parts of the world. Otherwise the idea blows. I have said it before, but I am real close to giving up this sport until things start to settle down.
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    Just takes too bloody long to get to these places. I've said that if it were not for distance the NBA could put a team in Manila and it would be their most profitable. But it is a 12 hour flight from LA. You could say the same for NHL teams in Moscow and Stockholm. Or an MLB team in Tokyo or Caracas (well, maybe not that profitable because of the whole socialism thing). But the travel is just way too much.

    Until high speed tube travel becomes a reality global expansion for North American pro sports leagues is not practical.


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    Some of you guys seem awfully confused about why the NFL exists in the first place. Of course it exists to make money for the owners. Of course they are going to expand to make as much more money as possible.

    Calling Goodell and the owners greedy is just dumb. They're capitalists. Gotta keep growing the revenues. Global expansion has to be attempted.
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    They haven't made retarded amounts of money by staying in the US? Ever hear of over expansion?
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    How? If there's one less home game, the city of the team that goes to London loses out on hotel revenue, food and tourism revenue, the stadium loses money.. where does all that go? England. Not the US.

    So.. how did you arrive at that logic?
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