Will Murray be a Titan next year?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MariGOATa, Oct 21, 2017.

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    I think it'd be best for murray and the titans to rework his deal and let him finish out his career here. He should be reduced to about a 10 touch a game back, but it would benefit us to keep him around, imo. We could look for a change of pace back in this draft and groom him to run behind henry.
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    No, he's done
  3. CalgaryTitansFan

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    I'd be surprised if he was a titan next year.
  4. Fry

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    If he's not a Titan next year we sure a hell better find another RB.
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    He's still better than Henry. Henry has too many negative plays.
  6. VondyP

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    Murray > Henry

    it's obvious when murray is healthy he is an all around better runner/receiver/blocker. you guys and your henry fanboy love is ridiculous i swear
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    I wouldn't say he is smart.... He paid Douglas $7.5 over the last 3yrs for NOTHING..... $17.5 to Williams to warm the bench.....

    He has done some good things, but paying guys who don't deserve it; is something he has done as well. $6 million for Murray, who actually offers something to the team; probably seems like a deal to the guy TBH.

    It's not that I do not value what he has done for the team. He has created a much better roster here. I credit him for most of the improvement the team has made. The roster turn over he has made is incredible IMO. However, there are some questionable moves mixed in there as well. I sincerely question him sticking to his guns & cutting guys Mularkey wants to keep. It's just a sneaky suspicion I have...... My opinion. Doesn't make it right; or even what I want. Just how I feel about the leadership of this team right now. I hope I am wrong & the team starts cutting guys like Douglas who do not deserve to be on ANY NFL roster. Let alone a team w/ guys like Decker, Davis, Taylor, & even Sharpe.... Douglas offers nothing above any of these guys IMO. Even on IR designated to return; he is a waste of roster space. If he returns who do we cut to keep him? I'd say Weems. However, Mularkey seems to like him fairly well. The investment in ST has not paid off much at all......Yet Weems is getting snaps at WR while promising young guys like Taylor sit. Makes no sense to me. Seems to me JRob should be seriously questioning these types of decisions. Yet they keep taking place; so you can only think they are not being addressed..... Oh well. I'm getting off on a rant. I will stop. I believe that Murray will be here next year at his regular salary. Simply because Mularkey believes he is a "game wrecker." He may be next year; who knows.
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    Settle down, Kenny!
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    Yeah if Henry can't get to the sideline using that stiff arm, he's basically ineffective. I just hate how some people say "It's going to be his turn eventually" and when players say that "It takes 4-5 guys to bring him down in practice".

    I think Henry's problem is, is that he wants to break the long gain every time he touches the ball, like he did in HS and Alabama. Looks like he's thinking too hard about how to truck or outrun the LB's.. When he learns to focus on shaking off the first defender, then I think he will be fine. He goes down way too easy for someone his size. To see CB's constantly arm tackle him is very frustrating.

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    not disagreeing with you about Murray but how you gonna call people fanboys after all the junk you said about tajae?