Will Murray be a Titan next year?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MariGOATa, Oct 21, 2017.

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    He'd have to significantly rework his deal. There's a good chance the titans draft a back in the top 4 rounds.
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    That would have been my exact reply. He has been great and I am glad we have had him for the past 2 seasons, but I want Henry to be our number 1 back starting next season. Murray is on his way out Henry is on his way to future hall of famer. Time to feed him.
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    I think next year Murray would be cool with being the number 2 back. I think the year in Philly taught him it always could be a worse situation.
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    If he's 100% healthy I think he is better than Henry at the moment. His pass protection is good and he's a better outlet receiver for MM8 than Henry. Guy has pretty good hands for a RB.

    I bet he'll restructure his deal to stay but we should draft another RB next draft. However, the primary focus each round next year needs to be defense along with getting a new DC, OC and HC.
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    Harry (Freaking) Douglas is making millions to sit on IR just because Mularkey likes the guy. Mularkey LOVES Murray. Do you really think he is cut?????? NO WAY Mularkey is on board w/ Murray being cut. If Mularkey can some how talk JRob into keeping a washed up WR like Douglas, who offers ZERO production; NO WAY he's ok w/ cutting Murray.

    Mularkey is notorious for keeping guys around well after they are useful. Douglas is the prime example of this..... Murray actually offers production to the offense. I expect he will be here long after that is true. Mularkey will keep a roster spot for guys who offer nothing to the team; if he likes them. I just cannot see him giving up Murray w/o a fight. Knowing how much AAS loves Mularkey; I am willing to bet he gets his way more often than not..... Douglas has GOT to be a prime example of that..... NO WAY a talent evaluator can look at Douglas & say: Hey, that's a guy we have got to find a way to keep!! Even if we have to manufacture an injury & put him on IR......

    SO yea, I expect Murray to be around next year....... Until Mularkey is not HC we have to get used to guys being around past their prime. No matter if they are worth the pay or roster spot.

    I do think Murray can still be effective when he is healthy as a RB. He is very good in Pass Protection. He is great as a receiver out of the back field. Will he be worth $6 million next year?? IDK.... I doubt it. I don't think he has been worth it this year really.
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    Wow you guys are harsh.

    I'm saying yes. Again, it all boils down to how the rest of the season pans out but you guys are treating the guy like he hasn't been playing, much less contributing. There are other guys on the team who are much easier choices for "on the way out".
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    I’d say yes but the torch is slowly being passed. I got no problem keeping Murray around for the right price. He still does a lot of things well despite him losing a step.
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    J Rob would be dumb in my books to bring Murray at 6M next year. Despite how much Mulsucky pushes him to do so.