Will history repeat itself? (McNair vs Locker)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans23, Sep 16, 2013.

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    About how long do you figure that's going to take?
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    "People inside the TITANS organization"

    "the TITANS organization"

    I'm going to ask you a question, and be honest...

    Is Tony Romo a great quarterback?
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    I think Romo is an excellent QB for the boyz, wish he was QB of the ponies
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    The person or persons I'm referring to worked for the Tampa bay buccaneers when McNair was winning the MVP here
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    Sorry boys, DW is right on this one. Whenever people talked about Steve it was always about his toughness not his passing prowess. The one thing that definitely stuck with people all around the country was his nickname. Everyone knew Air McNair, catchy as hell.

    That being said we definitely overrate Steve and Eddie but it's to be expected. Most of us have extremely fond memories of these guys. My football number has always been 27 because of Eddie but I can recognize that he was a "hall of very good" guy. Also keep in mind that it's damn near impossible for a QB to get into the hall without a ring or incredibly jaw-dropping stats and Steve had neither.
  6. Deuce Wayne

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    Cool. Now answer the question:

    Is Romo a great QB?
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    DW has been spot on in this thread. Takes some big homers to think McNair was anything better than a good QB and Locker is anything more than trash.
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    I'm not talkin about tony romo, I don't see why you are either he has nothing to do with it.. It's pretty evident some of the people on this board are too young to recall McNairs playing days and are making some pretty dumb comments. It's not being a "homer" to call McNair a great QB, he was wether some of you want to agree with it or not. Not only myself but professional scouts within the organization would tell you the same thing. Not trying to brag about knowing some people within the organization, only mentioning it because some aren't giving him the credit he is due. And I have had this same conversation with them
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    It's a simple example and question.

    I was 20 yrs old during McNair's prime. Drop the "too young" nonsense as your crutch.

    No, professional scouts or anyone that knows the NFL would not consider Steve McNair "great".

    If you asked them to list the greatest QBs of the past 20 years... he'd fall at the end of the list IF he made it at all.

    But since you continue to ignore the question- No. You don't think Tony Romo is great. And you shouldn't. No one does.

    Yet... In 8 seasons, Romo's lowest QBR is 90.5.

    His career average is 95. Steve's is 82. 13 points lower than an a QB most of us would say is average.

    Steve McNair in 13 seasons had a QBR higher than 90.... TWICE.

    He only had over Tony Romo's CAREER average... one time.

    That's not average to you?

    Tell you what... name 10 great QBs. Just randomly. And let me compare Steve's numbers.

    Your choice. Name them.

    ONE great season does not make you a great player.

    He had one great season.

    Love him all you want. No one that isn't a Titans fan thinks Steve McNair was a "great" QB.

    You're a Titans fan. Great. Don't let it kill all reason and objectivity.