Will history repeat itself? (McNair vs Locker)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans23, Sep 16, 2013.

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    dolts went 3-13 IIRC but yes they sacraficed their first 2-3 seasons getting Gayton tons of snaps
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    ok but the same people ragging on him now were doing the same thing his rookie year
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    John Elway went to five.
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    Elway is a pocket passer that can extend plays with his legs when NEEDED. He had the football IQ for a quarterback that stood in the pocket and went through his progression. However, if he had to extend the play with his legs he could like Rodgers.
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    Nobody can say for sure that Locker will be as good as Mcnair but Mcnair does provide some guidance as to why we need to give Locker enough starts before we qive up on him.We committed an 8th pick for this guy we need to know what he can do for a season of starts.

    Mcnair had a 59 passing rating over his first 5 games in 97. The team was 1-4. Compare that to Locker who is 1-1 with an 85 rating and no turnovers.

    Dunce Wayne is in the camp of those who think we should tank the season so we can draft another QB. I gave a mediocre assessment of Locker in a post and he pissed himself.The only opinion he likes is from those who say Locker is a total bust.

    Nobody here said that locker was a sure hall of famer. Just that we need to give him enough starts to make a proper assessment. We don't want to give up on him and have him making pro bowls for some other team.
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    Dunce Wayne got upset over that?
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    Are you being serious? Yeah Locker and McNair are not the same person but to say Steve was never that great shows you must have never watched the man play. McNair was an outstanding MVP multiple pro bowl QB. If Locker were to become half the player Mac9 was we would be extremely lucky
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    Hmm, I agree with both sides on this one. McNair was a very good but not great player. Locker is being "handled" much in the same way McNair was. And as a result we are into year 3 and still do not know what he is. McNair was the same way, heck he didn't take over as starter until year 3. To be honest I have always felt play calling has a lot to do with QB success. I am not saying that we open it up and locker looks like a HOFer but I do believe that it puts a lot of pressure on any QB to constantly put them into 3rd and long type of situations and expect them to grow and achieve. Or was I the only was screaming at my big screen to use play action on 1st or 2nd down late in the game?
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    The original poster simply asked a question.

    Mcnair in my opinion was a damn good player. Not a hall of famer but a damn good player for about 6 seasons(1998-2003). He did struggle some at a similar point in his career and had Fisher acted rash and impatient he would have had his best seasons in another uniform.

    So the point is that with locker we should not act rash or impatient.

    We do have more weapons than we are using. I want to spread people out more and i want Thompson to be used in a productive way. I don't think we are helping Locker with this offense.
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