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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by HanniVol Lecter, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. I fully believe that we as humans are on this Earth for no other reason than the conditions were/are right. Matter and energy will keep building upon itself (evolving) until something stops it.....nothing has stopped it on Earth yet and we're the greatest outcome that has been produced.

    If true, there is nearly a 100% chance that there is another planet(s) in this universe where the conditions are right for the same outcome. May look different every time, but intelligent life nonetheless.

    There are hundreds of different opinions, what are yours?
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    this will get overtly religious too, so it'll soon be in Taboo, you should join there.
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    You have to send TitanJeff a message and request access to the taboo forum.
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    I'm here because my parents had sex
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    I think it's pretty sad that people can't have serious conversations dealing with important and deep matters without some form of religion or politics involved. Some of these conversations obviously require such ideas and whatnot, but even then it is useless when people can't 'relax' their 'comfort zone' and view/acknowledge different theories...etc..

    I'll end this small rant over such matters with a quote that has stuck with me:

    "The history of religion, may be the history of science."

    But..obviously the reason why we are here is largely dependent on how we got here. There are plenty of the highly popular and the not so celebrated 'explanations'. I first heard the next tidbit on a scientific show and also read a similar statement in a magazine:

    Disclaimer: If your ratio, of nurture/nature (research nature vs. nurture), has resulted in your personal reality not allowing you to fathom evolution then, you might not find the next statement to be even remotely legitimate.

    The probability of our human genome taking its course of evolution to result, in our species' current state, is equivalent to that of a tornado in a junkyard assembling a Boeing jet.
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