Why we shouldn't draft a QB in the 1st

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The Playmaker, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Let's just get right into it....

    -Is there really a QB that is a can't miss?
    -Okay not can't miss but a top 10 talent?
    -Even though it's hard to tell if QB's will do well in the NFL are the Titans confident in any of them?
    -This might be Fisher's last year, he will not want to take a risk and go QB and have to wait because most rookie QB's are projects. He is in win now to save my job mode.
    -Even if Fisher wants one does the organization? If they don't believe in Fisher they will wait until they hire the new coach and let him draft "his guy". So many times will a new coach come and want a new QB, I could see it happening with us.
    -We have too many other needs...DT,DE,MLB,OLB,SS,CB
    -Start by rebuilding the defense, any decent QB can hand the ball off to CJ and throw deep to Britt.
    -Quality QB's available. The popular names are McNabb and Orton.

    Yes it would be great to start fresh with a new QB but there isn't an Andrew Luck type player or a Matt Ryan or a Aaron Rodgers in this draft. Each of these QB's have main flaws in their game or off the field and all project to take time so it's not like they will help us next year. I say wait till the next draft and get someone then. More than likely we'll have a top 5 pick and that's where we can get our franchise QB. This draft class is very deep in defense and that's exactly what we need I could see Patrick Peterson or a top defensive lineman falling to us, don't forget Amukamara.

    Draft mainly defense in the top rounds, sign/trade for a QB, and let the process begin. We're obviously coming towards a rebuilding mode and I don't trust any of these QB's becoming the face of our franchise.
  2. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    It seems like you made this thread to convince yourself yet you know it's inevitable. Maybe this thread should be called, "I don't like the QBs this year, here's why"

    Is there such thing as a can't miss player at any position? As for top 10, how do we know? If one is taken in the top 10 then someone thinks they have top 10 talent.

    Maybe. Just because you aren't doesn't mean the team isn't.

    As disgusted as I am that Jeff Fisher is still here we can't cater to this idiot anymore. If we draft a QB he better start winning. F catering to Fisher by getting a vet, we need to move forward and rebuild the team. McNabb isn't going to rebuild anything and I seriously question if he's even capable of winning now. Putting a band aid on at the QB spot just so Fisher can "win now" is the worst thing we can do. Besides, teams like Atlanta, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and the Jets have done well with rookie QBs. Why delay the inevitable, we need a QB and we need to rebuild. Catering to Jeff Fisher so we can TRY to win 10 games and get bounced in the playoffs would be a complete waste of time.

    Well if they didn't believe in Fisher they wouldn't have kept him. Now personally I HATE the fact that we kept him because for years now he's done nothing to deserve this job but you can't assume he'll be fired. But with this year it REALLY makes no sense to have not fired Fisher, we need a QB, it would be great to have a new QB and new coach but it wont happen. So I'll say that it would be a bad thing for the new QB to play under Fisher only for Fisher to be fired but that's the organizations problem for being complete morons and not knowing how to run a team. But, having said that, you can't assume he'll be fired. If the team didn't believe in him they wouldn't have kept him. Personally I have no idea what they're clinging onto (I guess they were REALLY impressed how we lost 8 of 9) but live and learn.

    Most bad teams do but they all start at the same position. And if they don't (see: Dolphins taking Jake Long) they will eventually need one down the line.

    If any decent QB can hand the ball off to CJ and throw deep to Britt why not draft a QB in the first round and hope he turns into a really good QB? I forgot, how many "decent" QBs won a Superbowl? Maybe 3?

    So a guy who lost his job to Rex Grossman and a guy who lost his job to Tim Tebow, neat! BTW, neither are free agents so you'll have to trade for them. While Orton's not bad, McNabb was awful last year.

    How do you know? In fact I recall Atlanta fans not really wanting Matt Ryan, they wanted Dorsey. And last time I checked Rodgers was drafted 24th overall. 23 Teams had the same thought process as you. "Well Rodgers probably wont be good, I mean he's no Peyton Manning, lets wait until we get more of a sure thing because Rodgers isn't that good."

    Wait wait wait. First you said we'll be looking to win now with Orton or McNabb and that all they have to do is throw deep to Britt and hand off to CJ AND we start improving the defense. Now you're predicting a top 5 finish? Besides who's in the draft next year you're so excited about? Unless we're picking #1 we wont be getting Luck. There's Matt Barkley, I kinda like him but he's only a junior so he's not guaranteed.

    Coming towards rebuilding mode? You should probably wake up. Forget the fact that we won 6 games. We looked like the worst team in the NFL last year for the final 9 games. We are in rebuilding mode. And as I said at the start of the post, this is a thread saying you don't like the QBs.
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  3. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    With the exception of Locker, I would agree with the OP. There is not a QB in this draft worthy of a top 10 pick in my opinion. Right now I'm not sure Locker is either, but if he impresses at the Senior Bowl next week, I'd be more then fine with the pick. If he doesn't, then there is a very good chance he slides into round 2.
  4. World Peace

    World Peace Let's Go Boys

    trade down to 10th with Washington and get Haynesworth as compensation.
  5. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    That's a horrible idea. Haynesworth will not be a Redskin next year, no matter what. It's likely they'll just release him...
  6. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Inevitable? No nothing is inevitable when the Titans are drafting.

    Is there such thing as a can't miss player? Yes. Do you think Patrick Peterson is an average CB because I think he's one of the top CB prospects in the past few years. No one at QB though, since they're average at best.

    Yeah totally forgot this is a message board, I thought it's where we posted our opinions. Maybe if you keep sending that Locker pic to the Titans they might draft him.

    I'm not saying just draft a vet so we can win more games I'm saying is there really a QB in this draft to rebuild around? And if we are crap next year with a rookie QB like Locker or Gabbert starting and Andrew Luck is right there and we have to pass what will happen with the Titans? What if the QB lays and egg and the new coach wants Luck? I'm on your side I want Fisher gone but it doesn't make much sense drafting a franchise QB (which is essentially what it is with a top 10 pick) and having Fisher one year and then adjusting to the new coach and OC.

    Right I agree with this I just don't think it's the answer in the first round. We both agree it would be a bad idea to bring someone in and then Fisher is gone the next year. We can't be hypothetical with this but the way I see the team right now we won't win more than 5, that's just right now though we'll see how the draft and free agency go.

    The Dolphins were idiots with the first pick and didn't go with Ryan, or Flacco.

    So now we're targeting a Super Bowl next year? How about 9 wins? You're missing my point. I rather have a decent QB next year and wait to draft a better QB next year than reach with one of these guys.

    McNabb lost it because his HC is an idiot and Orton didn't lose it the franchise just fired their HC so they wanted to see what Tebow had since the season was a waste anyway. The QB's can be blamed for that teams failure. The Skins are a train wreck and Denver has no defense.

    Atlanta fans didn't want Ryan back because they wanted Vick when he was ready. It was either Rodgers or Smith at #1. If Rodgers was drafted #1 Smith would've taken that fall.

    Fisher is in win now mode to save his job. That doesn't mean we're going to win that many games. If we're at 8 right now imagine a season with a rookie QB or Collins, hell might be #1. Actually yeah I like Barkley way more than any of these QB's right now. Just like how I don't know what will happen you don't know if another QB might explode and rocket up the draft boards next year.

    Didn't you just say "Super Bowl" earlier. I think rebuilding mode officially starts when the coach is gone. For some reason people still think we're not that bad off but I wouldn't be opposed to anyone being released or traded except for maybe Roos, Stewart, and Morgan. This team is filled with crap now and adding a rookie QB to the mix doesn't help right now. Get a new coach then a rookie QB. Let some other QB do the dirty work for a year and then try to rebuild the entire team.

    Would you rather feel better about this team with a rookie QB and Fisher or just wait and get a clean start? I vote clean start.
  7. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    So wait. I'm confused...

    So you want us to wind up with 9 wins yet you think we'll end up with a top 5 pick yet you want us to get a veteran QB yet you also want us to pick up a franchise QB next year.

    OK so if we go with your plan of getting McNabb or Orton what then? Who's going to be around for sure next year (remember only seniors are guaranteed to be there) that you think we can get with 9 wins? Or are we a 3 win team ending up with a #1 pick?

    On DraftCountdown.com they have us taking Gabbert who is the 1st QB taken. Now he may not be the first QB taken, I'd be surprised if either Arizona or San Francisco passed on a QB but OK it's possible. So lets say we have our pick of any QB in the draft. I'm not in favor of passing up that opportunity for a chance at getting someone next year or going into next season with McNabb or Orton who neither BTW are guaranteed to be traded.
  8. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Why do you want Locker? The guy can't even put up good numbers against the weak Pac-10. His deep ball isn't very good, his accuracy is no where near NFL ready, he can use his legs but he doesn't throw well outside the pocket, and he can't beat the good teams. He can pull off an upset but can't beat the good teams consistently. With so many glaring needs are you that confident in a QB at #8? If Peterson dropped who would you want? If Robert Quinn or Amukamara were available would you still go QB?

    Me throwing out records and what might happen are just scenarios. Here's my last one: If we go QB in the first round we will be crap. That defense will not be improved and we won't win many games. Kerry Collins will still probably be the starter for a while and by the time the new guy comes in the season will be a wash.

    Improve the defense first and then find that franchise QB. Don't reach just because we can have whomever we want. We screwed up with VY so are we ready to reach again? Get the defense back to a competitive level and then go QB.
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  9. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    You didn't answer my question. Who do you want in 2012? You seem to have this plan that we can just get a QB later on but you haven't said who and you're not assured of being in a position to get one anyway. And if Locker is so bad, why is he given a 1st round grade? Why were people saying he'd be the #1 pick last year? I'm not the only person who likes Locker.
  10. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    The reason Locker went back to school last year is because he was graded out to be a second round draft choice. No one other the Todd McShay had Locker going first overall. That was always going to be Bradford. Locker has a first round grade because he has good mechanics and a strong arm. Locker however has never shown the abilities to read a defense and forces throws into coverage. This may be because the lack of talent around him.

    It is stupid to bring in a quarterback without knowing who are head coach is going to be next season. If we bring in a veteran guy and use our first couple of picks to rebuild our defense then one of to things will happen. We fail horribly and Fisher is out then our next coach will be free to bring in HIS guy and not be saddled with a QB that he didn't choose. Or the rebuild defense and veteran QB succeed and we bring in a a young QB that Fisher wants in 2012. Either way our HC can bring in someone that he has faith in to lead his team in the future.

    I would prefer both Luck and Barkley to any QB in this draft class.
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