Why Munch Should Still Be Fired

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    Ok so e beat the Raiders and have a shot to be in the playoffs..... Color me Jaded, unimpressed, frusturated, pissed off at losses we shouldn't have taken, embarrassed, or whatever else you may want to call it. I still do not think Munch is the man to take this team to the next level. Lets examine his decisions.

    Oline Coach: Hired a friend who I myself thought might do a good job so tough to grudge him on that one, but isn't it the head coach who should be involved in fixing the worst glaring problem on the team??? Being a great Oline Coach I feel he should have gotten involved more and helped to fix the issues here.

    LB Coach: Another friend given the job. One of the most talented groups on our team yet we are missing more tackles with this group than I would have ever thought possible. Last yr I really felt Ayers was a pass rush nightmare for opposing teams. So coming into this yr I thought he would be awesome, yet he is not as dominant as he appears he could be. Brown has shown flashes of greatness but something is missing. With better coaching this is a great group!! They appear to have taken a step back since Munch put his other buddy into the system.

    Special Teams Coach: We had an award winning ST Coach yet we let him go and hired another Munch friend. Now not only is ST NOT a strength it is a real problem that seems to be spiraling out of control. There appears to be no leadership here at all!!!! I DO NOT see any help in an area that used to be an area that we could count on points. This decision was one I really questioned coming into the season. Now I feel that it has shown that it is exactly what I thought it was...... A HORRIBLE DECISION!!!!!!

    OC: I don't think I can say loud enough how nig a mistake this has been!!! Maybe he will turn out to be great. Maybe I will hit the lottery. I feel like I got a better shot than him! Anyway, screens, dump passes, predictability, an offensive scheme that appears to be tailored to a Power back.....One HUGE PROBLEM. We don't have a Rb let alone one with POWER. I know that we can make plays with all the talent we have at receiver. We just need some plays that allow them past the sticks on 1st down!! Another buddy, another problem!

    DC: We gave up more points than any Titans team in history, which wasn't easy. Munch hired his buddy for this job to start with and has stay loyal to him even though it has cost our team HUGELY!! How the hell can this man still have his job???!!!!! Bend over an take it football, playing 5yds off receivers, no pressure, I have dubbed this style of defense Grayball. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!! Munch hired Gregg Williams to help Williams out......What a buddy!! I have heard that this was actually a SUGGESTION from the GM. I tend to believe that. I am happy with the improvements the defense has made, but Gray still has WAY too much control which is why we still give up too many huge passing plays. I would like to see this defense completely ran by Williams before the end of the year. I think he would be a great upgrade over Grayball 2013.

    Munch is not a head coach. His favorite phrase appears to be, "I have no idea....." I believe in this team and our players. We have a lot of talent here. Way too much talent to lose to the Jags. If new ownership is really interested in what the fans want they will hire us a coach. One with an idea of how to keep pace with the other teams in this league. Please Titans......PLEASE FIND US A REAL COACH!!! If you feel the need to be loyal to Munch let him coach the Oline. He is fit to do that.
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    very valid points

    it was pointed out in the offseason that MM was apparently going too go down with his buddies instead of sihtcanning them and trying too make the Titans better
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  3. Tennessy XO


    We have to wait and see now Kenny.

    He definitely isn't going anywhere now or before the end of the season Kenny.

    We control our own destiny now Kenny. The Titans could drop the next three and the pitchforks and torches will come right back out.

    Personally I still see 8-8 Kenny.

    If that is the case I want him gone.

    Then again Kenny we might win 4 out of the next 5 and get into the playoffs.

    If that happens they will give Munch a lifetime contract and partial ownership. Probably name a street after him.
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    You like saying the word Kenny don't you Tennessy?
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    I think he is rubbing it in that I share that name with #18!!! LOL
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    IDK if Munchak sees 2014 but seeing us on this graphic today is great

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  8. nickmsmith

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    you all talk like you know Kenny.

    And LOL at the playoff picture. I wonder which actual NFL team the Titans would be raped by in the first round, if by some mistake they make it in?

    AFC south is a JOKE.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    You dont even watch our games, we have a good team, we just make rookie mistakes.

    If we never fumble a bunch of punts we're sitting at 7-3
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    I expect the same thing this year as has happened in the last 17 years.. we squeak by with an average record and complacency from ownership/management look at that as acceptable and rinse and repeat. No progress. Ever.
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