Why Locker pick might make sense...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. superdeluxe

    superdeluxe Practice Squad

    If you look out there, there is a great picture of Jake on a QB bootleg with blood all over his jersey.
  2. memphis_raven

    memphis_raven Starter

    That's a great story - I have a similar one as to how my son converted me to a Raven fan and we went to their first game together (but I won't bore you).

    From an unbiased point of view, they obviously wanted Locker and maybe tried to trade down (who knows) but they got their guy. Time will tell, but they obviously had a plan and they pulled it off.
  3. CRUDS

    CRUDS doodily doo ding dong doodilly doo Staff

    Anyone else think Locker is the son of Callum Keith Rennie?
  4. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter

    So with Locker, let's assume the best (he's able to contribute next season and get us sniffing at the playoffs or some how making them miraculously)...

    We know we have an offense that can score. If Palmer and Munchak play the right people, we can have a very dangerous offense. Britt (assuming he's not in jail) and Damien Williams are a dangerous 1 2 punch. Britt is more explosive but Williams is an extremely effective route runner and catcher. He's a great safety net type of guy who can get you 1st downs. We also have Cook and Stevens at TE. We can run or pass effectively using a TE with those guys. Washington, Hawkins and Mariani provide depth at receiver. Our O-line should improve with some adjustments (C adjustment is coming), and we should be able to provide at least average protection for our QB. If we're calling a lot of rollouts and play actions we'll be able to keep the defense honest just through our playcalling.

    Opinions? Feedback?

    CJ is still CJ. An injury can slow you down, but I expect his training alone to keep him a step ahead of anybody else in the NFL. If we run him effectively (misdirections, pitches, screens, flats) we can really allow Locker (or our other mobile QB) to put the defense in a tough spot through play actions, screens, and rollouts. Having the fastest RB and a mobile QB can form a dangerous threat. Especially one who can beat you with his legs AND take a hit.

    Let's assume the statement at the top is true, we have a QB who can move the chains and put up points...

    So now we're looking at our defense.

    We have an above average D-Line. We could use some help at either DT or DE but even with who we have we could still field a decent defense if we can get an improved coverage game (replacement for Hope at SS). So if we can fix our SS need in free agency or in the draft we can give our defense a much needed boost and more coverage options for the DC.

    A good DC would definitely help out our defense. Last year our defense was constantly out of position and could not make adjustments until it was too late. That falls on the coordinator. I think if Grey turns out to be a good DC we could have a top 10 defense again next year. Even with our D-Line we have some talented players. Our weakest link would be Ford but if our lineman could stay healthy we'd have an effective D-Line.

    Our linebackers are serviceable and SS help would alleviate the pressure on the linebackers to be great in coverage. We could use schemes where our linebacker's coverage responsibilities are limited and have better success against pass heavy teams. We also have some depth at DB now with Griffin, Finny, Verner, Fuller, McCourty, Johnson, and Mouton. We could run a lot of nickel against passing teams and remove a linebacker from the lineup.

    I think we're in good shape for the rest of the draft and heading into the season now. We already have a talented team, we just needed some consistency on offense and new coordinators. We can still get a DT or DE, another LB, and address our SS need in free agency. We still have the potential to compete for the division if we can get some solid production out of our QB. We don't need a Peyton Manning right away, but Mark Sanchez was able to boost the Jets and he still to this day doesn't win sexy.

    I like the Jake Locker pick.
  5. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    Atta Boy!!!
  6. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    My main fear with Locker is... I haven't seen him make many good throws from in the pocket.

    If he can't throw from the pocket (he's not the tallest QB, either)... we're screwed.

    Ponder should have been the guy. Minnesota is going to make everyone look stupid.
  7. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter

    I'm a reasonable young kid :nana3:
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  8. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    I was afraid it was getting to the point where you weren't going make the transition. Kudos!
  9. Bayou Titan

    Bayou Titan Starter

    I was completely disgusted at this pick.... then I reminded myself that I LOVED the VY pick (predicted a super bowl in 3 years)... I hated CJ pick (I was at a bar and completely pissed... friends were mocking me)... I loved the Rennie Curran pick (predicted he would be a special teams monster and in the lineup by season's end). So, with all that said, I think I will give this a chance.
  10. TitanT

    TitanT Starter

    I see Jake is in Nashville already.
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