Why do you guys want Cutler?? And what do we do for the 2nd Round..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The619RBush, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Troupe4Prez

    Troupe4Prez Guest

    Its that left coast bias that waters down their perception of a player that they haven't even seen play yet! Cutler has (at times) this year put the team on his shoulders and carrried the team to a win. Reggie Bush will be a great prospect no doubt in that but his load was definitely lessend by the other great talents on the team. Pathetic is a strong word for someone you obviously no so little about. I agree with another poster on here who said Cutler could be the Roethlisberger of this draft!
  2. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Well, everyone needs to remember that until the combine and individual workouts all these pre-draft rankings are very much up in the air.

    But I will point out that many draft "experts" definetly have Cutler as a better prospect atm. than Young and maybe Leinart. Young being a player who needs development before he can play in the NFL.
  3. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    What's with this "619" crap. I mean seriously, I'm going to start calling myself 615.

    "Hey, look! Here comes 615!!" "Man, that 615 is one bad Mo Fo.":lol:
  4. Troupe4Prez

    Troupe4Prez Guest

    hmmm that would work but pac-man might come after you... after his whole dispute with the night club.
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Where are the draft ratings of NFL teams being pubished? Does it look ahead to already know how he does in the Senior Bowl and his workouts too?

  6. super_titan

    super_titan Camp Fodder

    :ha: Then I get to be 931! Hey Yo 931 n Da Hoooouse!
  7. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

  8. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    and I'll go one step farther - Matt Leinart "might" be the Aaron Rodgers of the draft. I just feel he was a product of the system and the knock is that he doesn't have the arm for the pros

    one QB I rememebr that was just silly in college and couldn't make it in the NFL was Danny Wuerrfel, not that I am comparing Matt to Danny, but arm strength tends to be the biggest factor in determining a players preparedness for the pros
  9. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    and whoever still believes that just because Jay played for Vandy and they lost a handful of games means it was Jay's fault is fooling themselves

    Jay had nowhere near the talent Matt or even Vince had surrounding him - on EITHER side of the ball, nor did either of them have to contend with a Pro-Style SEC conference

    thats something (else) in Jay's favor
    the buzz is that Jay may ultimately be the 2nd rated QB in the draft - a strong Senior Bowl will help that. and add in that the Titans will coach the Senior Bowl (not sure of which team yet) but they will get LONG looks at Jay

    let me go on record with this :
    if Reggie an Vince are selected 1/2 (in either order) and we are left with Matt / D'Brickashaw or AJ - we WILL trade back to select Cutler
    a dollar to a donut
  10. Titanpride

    Titanpride Insider

    This came out today

    - Bolts say Rivers off market… Pretty much confirming the obvious, San Diego is saying that at least for now, they will not be entertaining offers for QB Phillip Rivers, the 4th player selected at the 2004 draft. The Chargers had been expected to resign incumbent starter Drew Brees and look to deal Rivers at the end of the season, however, a For now, as of yesterday, Philip Rivers is officially off the market, and it was revealed too that the Chargers will at least make an effort to sign Drew Brees to a long-term contract. However, Brees hurt his throwing shoulder in the Chargers’ season-ender earlier this month. The Chargers reportedly are still prepared to extend Brees, but will keep Rivers around as insurance.
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