Why delay the inevitabe ?

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    I don't want ol' noodle arm playing against those teams ... Hass beat 2 teams with a winning record last year (one was the Texans 2nd string). What makes you think he will do better this time around?

    If we want to beat some of those teams, we will have to score points. Hass and his 20 pts per game wont cut it. IF CJ goes back to his 2k form, and Britt is 100% healthy, then Hass might be able to stand a chance, but that is a lot of ifs.

    I am not saying Locker can beat those teams, but I think he gives us the better chance to move the ball down the field.

    And if you think Locker can go 8-2 against 2nd part of the schedule, why not start him from the get go? It will probably take a few weeks for him to get accustomed to the NFL game, and for the team to get accustomed to Locker at QB. Why not do that during the games that we will most likely lose anyway?
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    Why make another topic about something we are already talking to death?

    We have a competition going on and the best QB will play when the season starts. I hope it's Locker but if he can't beat out Hasselbeck then he shouldn't be playing.

    I can see us going 3-3 in that first six weeks with Hasselbeck under center.
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    Just think if we still had Jason Gesser, none of this talk would even exist.

    Let's bring him back. We would have 3 SB wins with that beast of a QB :)
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    What games do you see him actually winning, or are you just saying that?

    Also I fear that the coaches may make the wrong decision. Hass was the one to recommend that munch open up the QB competition. That scares me a little. As well as when munch said that it's not all about who makes the best plays in preseason. This makes me feel like he's thinking about starting Hasselbeck no matter what happens. I think that would be the wrong decission if Locker is playing anywhere close to Hasselbeck's level, which I think he showed that he could last year.
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    If 20 pts per game doesn't win- your quarterback isn't your problem.

    This forum makes me wonder if there are any thinking football fans.
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    i know right?
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    So would you be okay with going 2-4 for the first 6 games with Hasselbeck? I'm not okay with that. Having the vet tank the first half of the season then putting in the young guy to clean up the mess usually doesn't equall playoffs. You can't tell your young QB that you don't trust him to win games, and then say that after 1-5 that you now trust him to win games. It's pretty sad that this is what it takes to get our 8th overall pick on the field. Do we really have to hit rock bottom with Hass first? Because I would prefer to skip that part. We don't have time for that. Munch only signed a 3 year deal. Let's get this show on the road. If they plan on Locker starting at any point this season, which he will, then they need to give him the keys to the team and start him game one. A team with two QBs is a team with no QB. You have to pick one.
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    We ranked 17th in points per game last year. That was with an easy schedule. We are playing some elite teams this year who averaged About 30 points per game. 20 points is not going to cut it. Quit acting like below average statistics (facts) are good enough.
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    Well he beat a 1-0 Ravens team, a 1-1 Broncos team, a 2-1 Browns team, a 5-5 Bills team, and a 10-5 Texans team. Hes not that bad, stop acting like hes Kerry Collins.

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    But he is bad right? Please!... Stop. :facepalm3:
    The browns?.. The broncos?... The bills?... The taxans 2nd string?... (they still should have beat us, and gave us that game). The Ravens game is the only one that should be on your list. The fact that he beat bad teams last year doesn't mean a thing. Remember the Jags, Colts, bengals, texans, Falcons, & steelers games? You're really digging deep now. Why do people feel the need to defend average?