Why all the confusion over Chris Johnson's compensation for 2013?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Jan 10, 2013.

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    I see it all over this board and i see the so called experts acting clueless about this issue. Even Paul Kuharsky was talking on the radio as if the titans have to write a $9M check on march 1st.

    Chris Johnson's salary this year will be $10M. Salary! It's not a bonus, he doesn't get it all in one check. It's salary paid over the year in weekly installments.

    The confusion develops over the concept of guaranteed money. If the titans don't release Chris Johnson that salary will be guaranteed. So? If he broke his leg on his first carry of the year and never played again that season he still gets his salary even if it was not guaranteed.

    The only issue would be if CJ came to camp at 240 lbs and couldn't play well enough to make the team. Then you would still have to pay him the salary. But that isn't going to happen because he isn't that type of guy.

    It's not our money so honestly we should not care but they thought enough of him as a player to fork out a $20M SB 2 years ago so why would $10M paid out over 3 financial quarters bother them? It shouldn't and so it should not bother us either.
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    The only confusion I've heard is the exact date that the money is guaranteed. I've heard sometime in Feb. and in other reports it is in March. I think the confusion stems from when the league year actually begins. Most everyone says that his money is guaranteed if he is on the roster 5 days after the new league year starts. This gives us a window of 4 days to try to trade him if their were any willing takers. The main point is that his $9 mil is guaranteed so from a cap standpoint you can consider him getting one lump sum.

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    We should probably keep lazy legs, I mean Chris Johnson.

    I mean whats there to lose? We're not in need of cap room, in fact we've got over $20M to spend on free agents.

    When used properly he's been one of the most electrifying players around, and people never question his motivation, but I do.

    I only want him if he's going to be the old C.J.. You know the guy who used to claim he was homeless cause he went so hard he never went home.... Yea where's that freaking guy been?

    If we can block for him, he'll regain his confidence and run like the wind, but can we do that? Does this coaching staff even realize how awful the O-Line is.... If so, I think it would be dumb to cut ties with him to save some money.

    We do however need a player to spell him, he's not an every down back.
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