Who's Pro Bowl worthy in the AFC South?

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Pro Bowl rosters are announced at 4 p.m. ET and all eight bloggers will be reviewing makes, misses and snubs shortly thereafter.

    Here's what the roster will look like:

    Four players: WR.
    Three players: OT, G, QB, RB, DE, DT, OLB, CB, S
    Two players: C, TE, ILB
    One player: FB, P, K, RET, ST.

    Here's my run-though team-by-team of worthy contenders. I invite your comments below...

    Who deserves to go for the Texans?

    Andre Johnson can get lost among flashier names but he's been spectacular. The AFC's top receiver by a lot should definitely be in Hawaii. Mario Williams can claim to be the AFC's best defensive end.

    Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates and Dallas Clark make for tough competition, but tight end Owen Daniels has a quality case, too.

    Who deserves to go for the Colts?

    Peyton Manning will be one of the quarterbacks. Clark is second only to Gonzalez for receptions by a tight end. Reggie Wayne is fourth in yardage among AFC receivers.

    Center Jeff Saturday is a very important cog. Does missing four games knock him out or did it spotlight his value? Odds are he's in.

    Defensive end Dwight Freeney has 9.5 sacks and is worthy. If only one Colts end goes, Robert Mathis has been a constant terror and could deserve the nod but I don't expect he will get it.

    Safety Bob Sanders doesn't deserve to go, he's only played in five games.

    Who deserves to go for the Jaguars?

    Short list for a bad team. I don't think they'd have much of a beef if they got shutout.

    Their best chance is Maurice Jones-Drew. He's got 14 total TDs, second in the conference, but he's 12th in the conference in rushing yards. There are better options. He was fifth in fan voting for kick returner, but didn't hold the kickoff or punt return jobs full-time this season.

    Who deserves to go for the Titans?

    Rookie running back Chris Johnson has been a lightning bolt and is second in the AFC in rushing. Left tackle Michael Roos and right tackle David Stewart both have a case, but the sure thing on the offensive line is center Kevin Mawae.

    Fullback Ahmard Hall is a bulldozer who's a big part of the run success and is worthy, but his name recognition probably isn't there yet.

    Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth demanded all sorts of attention and should be a shoo-in. He could have several teammates join him. Cornerback Cortland Finnegan has been great and absolutely deserves a roster spot. Outside linebacker Keith Bulluck and strong safety Chris Hope have also had productive seasons. Michael Griffin is emerging, but again, there is a crowd at safety with Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed sure to get in.

    Kicker Rob Bironas has been very good, but not in position to kick at the end of as many games as last year when he earned a trip.

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