Who would you trade up for???

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, Apr 2, 2021.

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  1. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Pro Bowler

    I like Davis too but 22 is way too early. He will likely be there in the 2nd. PFF has him ranked as the 63rd prospect overall. I wouldn't hate it if we took him in the 2nd and JRob has shown he's not afraid to draft a player a year early (when we already have incoming starters at the position) if it's the right guy (or even the wrong guy if you consider Isaiah Wilson, LOL).

    If we go LB in the 1st, I much prefer Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.
  2. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Parsons could fall but I don't he will fall that far...Evans takes too many penalties, I could see us moving him tbh
    I think we will have to move up in the 2nd to get the CB or WR we want, if we go Edge in 1.
  3. nbtoppers2

    nbtoppers2 Starter

    If Davis is at 22 take him. He won't be around by our 2nd pick. He might not even be there at 22. He's flying up mock drafts.
  4. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    Only guy I'd trade up for, and that would potentially be there around #18, is Barmore. We just signed an edge guy. Not sure any WR or CB makes it that far to be in range we would want to trade up for. To trade up it has to be an elite type player because we can stay and get a quality pick anyway.

    Barmore brings another Simmons type player to the DL and interior guys that can get to the QB are hard to find. Not sure he makes it that far but with the other positions coming off the board it is possible.
  5. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Pro Bowler

    I've seen a lot of mocks with Barmore falling out of the 1st. I bet he is on the board when we pick, we wouldn't need to trade up.

    The thing that scares me about him is it's like 1 year of production. Actually less than that because he started slow. But when he figured it out he was a monster. Was the starting slow due to being lazy, not understanding the scheme, or did things just suddenly "click" for him? He's definitely an interesting player.
  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    He has large hands and very good quickness and agility for his size. His lack of experience is the only reason he could fall to us. Interestingly I did a draft simulator at PFF and took Barmore and then Teven Jenkins in the 2nd. Hard to pass up big guys like that IMO.
  7. Fairweather Fan

    Fairweather Fan Pro Bowler

    I wouldn't trade up in the first, but if Pat Freiermuth drops far at all into the second, I would trade up for him.
  8. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    If his medicals are clean, trade up for Farley.
  9. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    I’m not sure how you can give him a clean medical...he has torn an ACL, missed 2 games with back spasms and just had a microdiskectomy... so pretty much seems like a JROb guy....top 10 talent falls due to medical
  10. steverife

    steverife Pro Bowler

    The back thing? Yeah.

    Torn ACL in 2017? Meh.

    The other thing is that if we aren't taking Farley, we may be taking Newsome, who missed 14 out of 35 games.
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