Who would you cut to get to 53?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GLinks, May 5, 2007.

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  1. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear


    I agree, Soxcat. Everyone is going to be asked to run routes as crisply as Davis reportedly does. There's going to be some tough choices. I wish we knew more about Orr's true progress, as well as his speed. If I had to guess, I'd say Jones, Orr and P.Williams are our fastest guys. I saw somewhere that Davis ran a 4.35, but I think that was before the injury. I don't think he sniffs that speed anymore.
  2. Nash

    Nash Starter

    purely conjecture on my part but I see Givens on pup this season and i see Roydell traded or cut because he's small(6') and slow.. probable wr's include Jones, Roby, P Williams, Davis, Gage, and Filani, .... Orr has to show something major to make the team over Cramer for the 25th spot on offense.. Assuming QB 2, RB3, FB1, TE3, OL 9, WR6
  3. Puck

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    except for Jeff and Jim

  4. that stinks, cause they are kinda important people (even tho no one knows y shwartz is)
  5. Childress79

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    Out with the dead wood. Olson isn't worth his paycheck. Either Odom or Starks needs to go to give those D line guys a wake up call that they're not in-expendable. I chose Starks.

    Reynolds will never be more than a special teams player & we have too many WR's. Waddell & Woolfolk have had more than a fair chance to make it.
  6. i dont kno if i would choose starks tho because he is only 22, so he still has a lot of time to get better
  7. GoTitans3801

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    There probably isn't much chance that we're dropping Olson, I'd bet they want to keep that line exactly the same another season if they can. In another year it may be time to make the switch, but it's been a while since we've had real continuity for the young guys to learn with.
  8. Vince10

    Vince10 Camp Fodder

    Yeah starters dont get cut. Hopefully LT will be an exception, but I aint holding my breath.

    At least one, possibly 2 of the rookie WRs will get cut and signed to the practice squad.
  9. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Roby and Davis are smaller, but most of our receivers are 6'0-6'2. Filani and Gage are slower.

    P.Williams and Brandon Jones are of similar speed (around 4.45 or so). Orr is only marginally faster, running around 4.42 when he came out of college. Well, I guess P. Williams ran a 4.41 on campus, and a 4.53 at the combine, so go figure, and Orr's knock (one of them) was he never played to his timed speed. All that is to really say, Roydell's measurables aren't the problem. But yeah, he still might get cut.
  10. Gut

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    If the season was gonna start tomorrow and I couldn't make any trades....here's what I'd have...

    QB - Vince Young, Kerry Collins (2), sign someone

    Need a 3rd QB


    RB - LenDale White, Chris Henry (2), Ganther

    Need a 3rd down speed guy (unless Henry's gonna be that guy). Could stay with what we have or look for a quick/speed 3rd down back who can also return kicks/punts.


    OL - Roos, Bell, Mawae, Olson, Stewart (5)

    Olson needs to be upgraded, but I doubt Amano, Harris or Otto can beat him out this year. If one can, Olson should be trade bait.

    Total = 5

    OL - Wand, Otto, Amano, Harris, Loper (5) -

    Without watching training camp it's hard to predict which particular players. Amano, Harris and 2 of the OT's stay (out of Wand, Loper, Otto)...and whomever is the best OG prospect (out of Geisinger, Loper, Harris, Otto).

    Total = 5

    WR - Givens, BJones, Gage, P.Williams, R. Williams, Roby (5), Davis
    Practice squad - Filani

    A lot of interesting battles but I could see both Davis and Roby staying as returners and slot WR's (Orr or Filani could stay if Paul Williams moves back to CB). Ya gotta figure Paul will make it unless he's moved or stinks up the joint which doesn't leave a lot of room for Orr unless he can beat out Roydell or Gage.

    I don't expect Gage to be cut because that would cost us 400k (though save 600k) on a player we shouldn't have signed in the first place!

    Total = 7

    TE - Troupe, Scaife, Hartsock

    Troupe should be traded unless they really think he's gonna turn it around. A lot of teams could use him! In that case, I'd bring back Cramer or a good looking backup/vet.

    Total = 3

    FB - Hall (1)

    Total = 1

    26 players

    DT - Haynesworth, Starks, Long, Johnson (4)

    If Mahelona can't get into the rotation and do anything, he and his 340lb presence need to go. Brown is more of a tweener and I think projects better as a DE (unless he's a 3 technique DT). Johnson could also end up on the practice squad if they want to make some room.


    DE - KVB, LaBoy, Odom, Ford, Brown (5)

    RDE is the big remaining problem spot on D. The Titans need to trade for someone to fill this gap and trade not only value to the other team, but one of these DE's. KVB is good...I'd let the other 3 vie for a starting RDE spot (assuming no trade) but I'd probably end up with TBrown on run downs with the better pass rusher (LaBoy or Ford) coming in on 3rd and long.


    LB - Bulluck, Thornton, Fowler, Tulloch (4)

    I'm not sure what Fowlers contract looks like, but if he can't beat out Tulloch he's overpaid...not sure how much it would hurt to cut him/trade him. More likely, I keep him not only for the competition, but for his special teams play.


    LB - Nande, Amato or Woods

    without watching training camp, it's hard to predict. I wouldn't carry more than 6 LB's and 4 of those spots are taken...We need the best backup OLB on the roster to stay and the best OLB/special teamer to stay. Woods is a good special teamer...but who's the best backup OLB...Nande?


    CB - Harper, Griffin, Finnegan, Hill, Smith, Jones? (6)

    This is also a bit up in the air. Does Griffin play CB this year? How long is Pac suspended? Is Pac traded? Smith could go to the practice squad but I'm almost sure someone will take him off our hands in that case. I'm happy going into the season with this group.


    S - Hope, Scott, Lowry, Fuller

    If Griffin stays at cb, odds are Scott starts at SS with Hope at FS. Sure Lowry or Fuller could win the job...but I don't think they signed Scott to sit on the bench. While it does the cap no good to cut Lamont (yet another bad signing by Floyd), we really don't have a roster spot for him. And don't talk to me about being a good backup vet. He's just BAD!




    27 players + 26 players = 53

    I sure hope the roster looks different from this on opening day (not from the sense of them making different choices, but from them ADDING TALENT at DE and WR).

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