Who have you settled on?

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  1. Alzarius

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    Unless we come out of left field and draft someone that makes everyone say "WTF", I will be happy with most of the people that we could potentially take at 10. From WR, CB, DE, DT, G.... it doesnt matter to me. As long as we dont do anything stupid, Ill be fine with whoever we pick.
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  2. nytitaner

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    Agree 100%
  3. TitansWrath

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    My first round...

    1. Floyd
    2. Milliner
    3. Ziggy
    4. Warmack

    One of them is ours.

    If we take warmack, I want hunter in round 2. Warford is a must otherwise.
  4. Finnebosch

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    I would love to trade down and grab Jones. I think if Minnesota is trying to trade up we could swap #10 for #23, #52, and #83.

    Round 1) Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    Round 2) Robert Woods, WR, USC
    Round 2) Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi St.
    Round 3) Brian Winters, OG, Kent St.
    Round 3) Nico Johnson, LB, Alabama
    Round 4) Marcus Lattimore, HB South Carolina
  5. TheSureThing

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    In case you haven't heard, I've settled on Cordarrelle Patterson at 10 if he's there.
  6. edward nigma

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    Wishful thinking:

    1) Chance Warmack/ g-Alabama
    2) DJ Hayden/ cb-Houston
    3a) Tank Carradine/ de-Florida State or DaMontre Moore/ de-Texas A&M
    3b) Kiko Alonso/ lb-Oregon
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  7. nytitaner

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    that would be sick but i can't imagine either of those two ends available in the third, Hayden is moving up as well it seems. Hayden seems like a real playmaker.
  8. Alex1939

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    We should just take the most unsexy pick of all and draft one of the two best guards. I feel like at worst either will be a solid pro for a decade. A guaranteed solid pro for a decade is what we need. Keep building! We can't afford another top10 miss.
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  9. Chronos

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    Amen to that. Most of the crappy picks we all hated came when Fisher wrestled personnel power away from Floyd.
  10. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Round 1) Bjeorn Werner, DE, Florida St. -- Werner is IMO the most NFL ready DE in this draft. He is not the most athletic guy but he reminds me of KVB and I think he will be a great DE in this league.

    Round 2) Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi St. -- Slay is a big (6'1), athletic corner who has good hips. He can most likely start day 1 on the outside and move Verner into the slot on nickle downs.

    Round 3) Brian Winters, OG/OT, Kent St. -- The Titans have met with Winters 4 times this off season and I think its a forgone conclusion that he will be a Titans. Winters can compete from day 1 for our RG position.

    Round 3) Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall -- Dobson is a big, sure handed wideout that will give us depth this year and develop to replace either Williams or Britt next season.

    Round 4) AJ Klein, LB, Iowa St. -- Klein is a instinctual LB that has racked up 100+tackles two years in a row at Iowa St. He can play both Will and Mike backer and will give us depth if McCarthy cannot stay healthy.

    Round 5) Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio St. -- Fragel was a 3 year blocking TE at Ohio St before he was moved to RT and became an day one starter. He is still learning the position but he had a lot of upside and will give us a developmental stater at OT.

    Round 6) Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky -- Smith lead the NCAA in sacks in 2012 but a late ACL tear has killed his draft stock. Smith can take the 5th DE spot from Soloman and serve as a pass rush specialist.

    Round 6) Khaled Holmes, OC, USC -- Holmes was at one time thought to be the top center in this class but injuries and a poor year has killed his stock. Like mike Brewster a year before he could fall from the 2nd/3rd round to a UFA in a year.

    Round 7) Brandon Moore, DT, Texas -- Moore is a 320 DT with a little bit of upside. He will mostly serve as practice squad fodder.

    Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vandurbuilt
    Ray ray Armstrong, S, Streets

    QB: Locker/Fitzpatrick/Smith
    HB: Johnson/Greene/Reynard
    FB: Mooney
    WR: Britt/Wright/Washington/Walter/Dobson/Preston
    TE: Walker/Thompson/Stevens
    OT: Roos/Stewert/Otto/Fragel
    OG: LeVitre/Winters/Turner/Stingiley
    OC: Velasco/Spencer

    DE: Werner/Morgan/Wimbley/Dawson/Smith
    DT: Martin/Hill/Casey/Potoitua/Klug
    LB: Brown/McCarthy/Ayers/Fokou/Klein/Bailey/Shaw
    CB: McCourty/Verner/Slay/Campbell/Senasabaugh
    FS: Griffin/Martin
    SS: Pollard/Wilson/Afalava

    K: Bironas
    P: Kern