Who do you take first pick if you are the GM?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KTOWN TITAN, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Yeah all those Wrs the pats drafted are really helping them now. Moss-welcker-stallworth-gaffney all came from somewhere else.

    The pats are the glaring obvious example of exactly what i'm talking about.

    Pats WRs in the belichick era..

    2002-2 2nd rd branch, 7th rd givens
    2003-1 2nd rd bethel johnson
    2004-1 samm 5th rd
    2006-2nd rd chad jackson

    5 Wrs in 8 years!

    Nice example a team that didn't draft a single damn WR in the 1st rd 8 drafts! In half those drafts they didn't draft a WR at all! Only 3 day one picks in 8 drafts and they are on their way to a 4th super bowl and 2 out of 3 of those 2nd rd picks sucked...

    If ever there was an example of of a team not needing to make a major committment to drafting Wrs that is it. Their best Wrs came from some place else or were undrafted FAs.

    And when it comes to cap losses who do the patriots let go? Linebackers? D-linemen? No WRS.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    The pats think that Wrs are important?

    Then they must be nuts about D-linemen..

    Day one D-linemen..5

    3 1st rd picks
    2 2nd rd picks

    Day one o-linemen...4
    1 1st rd pick
    2 2nd rd picks
    1 third rd pick

    defensive backs..5
    1 first
    1 2nd
    3 third

    Pats 1sr rd picks
    2000-no 1st rd pick
    2005-offensive linemen

    The pats drafted higher and heavier in those 3 areas than they did at WR. Note that ty law was already there a pro bowl player and they had harrison and samuels for several years but still drafted DBs 4 times on day one..

    No sorry, the pats built their franchise everywhere else but WR and when they went WR 3 times in rd 2 what they got 2 of those 3 times was crap.

    The titans are exactly the same. Over the years would anyone with any sense say that a committment to drafting WRs made us successful? Joey kent, kevin dyson, tyrone calico. The highest Wr pick in the last 4 years was cut in camp, roby.

    Thanks bobo for proving my point in spades..
  3. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Rolltide ignored the Colts. No surprise.

    Anyway, the point I said with the Pats, was that they understand the importance of the WR. They drafted 3 in the 2nd round in the last 6 years, that's a bit of commitment.

    They gave up a 2nd and 4th to get guys this year. Now trading a pick for a solid vet would be a way I'd prefer to do it, but you've got to find the right deal, and you won't hit the jackpot like the Pats did this year.

    Some say no more FA WR's, since we've had bad luck with them. Some say forget drafting one high. Well we've had plenty of mid round duds. There's no simple guaranteed way to get the WR core better, but it'd be dumb not to try. WR should not be completely overlooked in the first....and this is coming from a guy who wants a team that's based on strong D and running game.
  4. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    One final note for emphasis..

    Did i forget about TEs? The patriots love TEs..

    They drafted 5 in the belichick era.
    2 in rd 1

    1 in rd 3

    1 in rd 4

    1 in rd 7.

    They were willing to draft graham and watson in rd 1 but not even one time did they take a WR in rd 1.. Learn from this..
  5. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Bobo, i didn't ignore the colts i just focused on how wrong you were with the pats a team that wants nothing to do with taking a Wr in rd one.

    You were wrong!

    As for the colts they just happened to pick perfectly each time. But still only 3 times in 12 drafts did they take a WR first. They just hit a homerun every time. What if the colts drafted a kevin dyson caliber guy every time? Just keep winging it?

    The middle rounds is where we have gotten most of our good guys.. Mid rds or later.

    Roydell-mason-mccareins-jones all mid rd picks and bennett wasn't drafted at all. Bennett is having a better career as an undrafted FA than joey kent, kevin dyson and tyrone calico combined. Doesn't that tell you something?
  6. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I wasn't wrong about anything, never said the Pats wanted to draft a WR in the 1st. I said they are a good drafting team, and they put emphasis on WR's by taking 3 2nd rounders in the last 6 years.

    Your point about the Colts is not even a point at all. They've drafted Wr's high, the guys have been good, they've won it all....you don't want to draft a WR in the 1st because it's obviously a horrible decision.

    We got our good guys in the mid rounds? No, average guys other than Mason. And that's the thing yet again this year....we have enough of average. We need another #1 like Mason. Maybe we luck out and get one in the mid rounds, or maybe it's more likely we get another average guy like our drafts have shown.
  7. CNYTitanFan

    CNYTitanFan Guest

    I know what you're saying, but I think these particular receivers signed with NE for no other reason than to play with Brady and viewed the situation as their best chance of getting a ring. NE has a "draw" for this reason while we do not.

    IMO, If we're ever to draw quality WR talent to compete with the AFC elite teams, we need some reason for the Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmanzadeh's, etc...to want to come here.
  8. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    No team in their right mind goes into a draft making a list of what positions they will draft ahead of time in each round (maybe MR does?). We might list our needs as 1. WR, 2. TE and 3. DT but you have to go with BPA if you draft smart. If a WR is near the top of the list as BPA and that happens to be your top need then maybe you take a WR. The key isn't just filling position needs which is where teams screw up all the time. The key is getting quality NFL players.

    I seriously don't see TE as one of our top needs but I could see them going that route if a really good one is available. Any potential play maker of any kind is worthy of consideration at any position IMO.
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Bobo spin again.. Why bother?

    You held up the pats as an example of a team that valued WRs in an extraordinary way. Wrong! I proved you wrong!

    I like how you ignored my point about an undrafted FA(bennett) being better collectively than 3 of our highest WR draft picks.

    Why do you assume that our 25th pick will produce a stud WR? My point about the colts was that their success was hardly typical. If our higher Wr picks were that good we wouldn't need one now.

    Sorry for an avalanche of factual data that disproved your lame point. :chair:
  10. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    #1 WR myth..

    32 teams in this league so there are 32 #1 Wrs because the best WR on a team is a #1. Everybody has this illusion that every team should have a chad johnson or reggie wayne on their team. But there are not 32 reggie waynes.

    I want the best group of guys we can put together. I don't think it matters if one guy is an elite guy. It's about matchups in the nfl and when we often throw the ball we will have 4-5 guys in the pattern. If 3 of those guys are open then we will have success throwing the ball.

    Why is it so important who those guys are or what we call them?
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