Who do you take first pick if you are the GM?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KTOWN TITAN, Dec 14, 2007.

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    So many choices and you are paid to make the right one. I will not envy MR come spring time(nor do I already). Him and the scout department are gonna have alot of work to do. The choices at WR alone are mind numbing. Early Doucet, Adarius Bowman, Limas Sweed, DJ Hall, Mario Manningham, Marcus Monk, Desaun Jackson, Malcolm Kelly, Andre Caldwell, James Hardy. Not all are seniors but lets assume they come out early. Do the Titans even take a WR first? Should be fun to watch.:pop:
  2. Soxcat

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    There are so many variables right now how in the heck could anyone even project who we are going to take? We don't know what players we will be able to re-sign or sign in FA, we don't know if we can pull off a trade, we don't know what the Titans plans for Pac are, we don't know where we will be picking in the draft and we don't know who is going to be picked ahead of us. We have no idea how things are going to shake out after the workouts either.

    If I was going to just take a shot in the dark and pick a guy I think would be a solid pick it would be Earl Bennett. He is going to be a solid pro IMO and possibly the most liekely to contribute early.
  3. Bobo

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    One thing to keep in mind is there are a lot of tall WR's. The one thing that I've noticed about VY when he's not accurate is that he usually throws too high. There's a lot of 6-4 to 6-7 guys this time around (depending on some Jr's of course). Hardy, Bowman, Sweed, Monk, Kelly, Urrudia. Of course they all won't have to be picked in the first either.
  4. SuperVince

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    i second the earl bennett opinion, while he may not come out, he may be the most solid junior this year. Hes got more size than people give him at 6'1 202 and seems to always make the tough catches. Im a bit of a vandy homer but hes still mighty impressive given the talent he worked with.
  5. BigRed3

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    I'm just tired of taking wide reciever that have "potential". We always take guys that have all the physical gifts, but aren't very good football players. Earl Bennett is a football player, straight up. If he comes out, i'd love to see us draft him.
  6. The Playmaker

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    Bennett would be good in the 2nd
  7. LT21Titans27

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    It all depends what we get in FA, if we grab a guy like Clayton, or Berrian, I would take a guy like Sweed to go with him. (Bringing Mac Brown in lmao)

    If we grab essentially no one, I take Desean Jackson, no doubt about it, the guy is a stud
  8. oilerstruck

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    A monsterous DT go go along with resigning Albert
  9. oochymp

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    Anyone else like Limas Sweed? he should be a solid WR and he's played with Vince, keep the Texas to Tennessee connection going. And I like the idea of bringing in Mac Brown, think he'd take an OC spot if Chow gets hired somewhere as a head coach? haha

    If we can take care of WR in free agency I wouldn't mind seeing us take Gholston, him and KVB would give us a great pair of DEs, something we haven't had since Kevin Carter and the Freak
  10. Gunny

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