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    Like most of you, I sit back and wonder what is going on with the Titans this season. A team who seemed on paper to be so promising, yet isn't delivering at all. But if you look deep within our team, look at our depth chart, who are we? What organization have we become? DO we have a sturdy foundation?

    I believe on our team we have a good mix of veterans and young talent. The problem is our young talent isn't capable to step in to fill "starter" roles yet if one of our starters just happens to go down. And we have sub par veterans who arn't capabale to step up and be a replacement if someone goes down. Since the Titans have been here, we have had sub par drafts. Yes we do get those late round steals such as Courtland, but think of all the early round busts we have had.

    THe problem lies not just on the field, but within our scouting department. We have guys on our roster who are arn't NFL ready, are so off from being a true NFL player, or cast-offs from another team that we hope can fill a void.

    We need to stop drafting for potential and draft for the now.
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    draft football players not workout wonders
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