White works to put Sunday comments behind him

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    [​IMG]White NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Speaking for the first time since he said he didn't care what happened against the Jets once he figured out he wasn't part of the attack, running back LenDale White reversed course after practice Tuesday.

    "Things were said definitely out of frustration, I think everybody on this team knows well that I care about my teammates and I care about winning," he said. "... I let my emotions, I let the little guy on this shoulder, get too much in my ear and I said some things without talking to coach Fisher."

    "I lost my cool which is not appropriate at any given time but it happened and now I've got to move on."

    White said he had no personal issue with anybody, that he counted Jeff Fisher as his No. 1 fan with the team and said he had no physical sideline altercation with his position coach, Earnest Byner.

    "Do I have a black eye, or does he have a black eye?" White said, getting a laugh. "If I get in any physical confrontation, I'm going to make sure somebody has something, some kind of bruise to remember it and I probably would get in trouble for it."

    Did he give Byner a little bit of a shove?

    "I don't remember that."

    Fisher has said that he had a conversation with White shortly after White made the initial comments and that things were quickly resolved.

    White dug his own hole on this and his choice of words after the loss to the Jets was not good at all. He claims saying he didn't care and that he wasn't paying attention amounted to "a stupid mistake." But he was clearly perturbed that anyone would suggest such a reactionÂ* served as an example of why teams were wary of him early in the draft in 2006.

    In the aftermath, he seemed to me to take the right tone Tuesday in attempting to patch things up. But he's mistaken to say it was only a big deal because it was him -- those comments would have been a big deal coming from anyone.

    White tends to play his best when he's angry and feels like he's got something to prove.

    The Titans are talking about re-establishing the run and White will be a big part of that starting Thursday morning in Detroit. So will the Lions' league-worst run defense.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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