White Happy to be Reunited with Chow

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, May 15, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: Titans RB LenDale White was the 45th pick of the 2006 NFL Draft. After a Rose Bowl performance where he gained 124 yards on 20 carries with three touchdowns, many felt he would be taken higher. But a poor Trojan Pro Day workout and an injury which kept him from running the 40 saw his stock fall before draft day. When the Titans were on the clock in the second round, offensive coodinator Norm Chow was asked his opinion on White and gave his endorsement. "I coached him, and I enjoyed him," Chow said. "He was always very honest and played very hard. He was never a problem. There are some judgments that were made about him that I didn't think were very accurate. Our relationship allowed me to have better insight into him, and I think he's a heckuva football player." White wants to reward the coach who had faith in him and make the other 31 teams who passed on him suffer. "I know what kind of bond Coach Chow and I have, and I know the respect level we have for each other," White said. "I did slip (in the draft), but this is where I wanted to be. I look at this as great news. I wouldn't want to play for anybody else."

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  2. moosle

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    I don't know about anyone else, but i just have a good feeling about White being a Titan. As the first round dragged on, I kept secretly thinking to myself how great it would be if we actually would be able to land White, but i didn't realistically think it would happen. Now that it has, I'm very anxious to see how the offseason plays out. He doesn't get nearly as much press as Vince, but I honestly think that he could end up having an enormous impact on our offense in the future. This is nothing we haven't all read somehwere else, but i can't help but say that I think we got 2 potential super stars and it excites me. that's all. have a nice day.
  3. Ewker

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    I think he will give Brown and Henry some competition in camp. Looks like Payton and Nash could be goners
  4. Hope Payton stays, although it looks unlikely at the mo
  5. Riverman

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    I have more "feel good" with White than with Payton. He's had his chance. Nash never showed us much.

    Henry is playing for small money this year-of all the backs he is up against it the most. I expect to see some "contract audition" play out of him and Brown.
  6. moosle

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    it would be nice to see payton do something for the team other than tear it up in europe. i'd rather have him than henry. i don't have any idea what henry's contract status is but i'd just assume see him hit the road.
  7. Loved Payton when he was in NFL Europe, one og the best players there

    Like moosle, i'd prefer him over Henry, but Henry is cheap for a vet, and it looks like the Titans have plans for him

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tiramasu..............................
  8. Broken Record

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    Henry is signed for the veteran minimum this year and he is much better than Payton ever will be.
  9. Fry

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  10. Snookus

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    My thoughts exactly. After the Titans picked in the first round I had stopped watching until the 2nd round came around. I was looking at the little scrolly thing to see who picked who and noticed White wasn't on it, I was amazed he hadn't already been drafted.
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