Whisenhunt Doesn't Rule Out Keeping Two Kickers On Roster

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Aug 8, 2014.

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    PK sucks, but at least it gives us some names to look out for.

    Homer pick: Dustin Hopkins. Dude was clutch at FSU and had consistent touchbacks. Apparently the Bills spending a sixth round pick on him last year and then him pulling his groin in the preseason means Doug Marrone will only keep him as a kickoff specialist. That's why they're the Bills...

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    I actually had a long and thoroughly thought out response to this but then my computer decided to restart. So I'll just summarize with this:

    1. John Elway was a QB and a pitcher. Very different mechanics and techniques. I think it's safe to say he was good at both. Jameis Winston is at beast at both too. Craig Hentrich graduated Notre Dame as the second leading scorer all time.

    2. Injury is a good point, but can way risk vs. benefit. Didn't Suh kick a FG a few years ago. Doug Floutie and Wes Welker did it for the Pats.

    3. I know about the difficulty in long snapping. Thanks. Wonder if Lavar Edwards or Taylor Thompson ever long snapped.

    My main point isn't just to grab any random guy from the street, but I think kids can and should be groomed to be good at multiple things. Especially with the freak athletes being bred today.
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    Keep an eye on which kickers get released in a few weeks! Hold some damn open tryouts
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    Thanks for the response. Here's some things to consider...

    Elway was a qb and and a pitcher...in college! You can get away with a lot in college being physically superior to most of the people you face. In the pros, you need to be technically sound. And let's face it, you're pointing out a Hall of Fame QB with a Hall of Fame arm. We are talking about people who aren't even pro bowl players.

    More to your point...Suh, who was/is their backup kicker MISSED an extra point even though he has hit 30yd fg's in practice. What does that tell you? And yes, Welker hit an extra point and a FG once and Ochocinco hit an extra point once and Flutie did a drop kick (for fun his last game) once. Key term is...ONCE! I have hit a 30yd FG, does that make me eligible to be an NFL kicker? I hope not!

    My old HS football coach used to regularly hit 35yd fg's in practice and he was a WR in the NFL. He did it for fun. And the thing is...just because you hit it in practice doesn't mean you will hit it in games (ala Suh). Consistency is the issue, not whether you could make 1 kick in an emergency. And what you guys are talking about is someone not just kicking fg's, but kicking off, fg's, extra points, and punting. Each and every one of those things is very important.

    So tell me which 3rd-5th string anything is worth running the risk of losing a game because you have 1 kciker trying to do everything without a suitable backup?

    And the risk is much greater that having 1 kicker will lose you a game versus having another backup player who won't even see the field!!! I don't see the point. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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    feel like the kicking game is gonna be a circus, hope i'm wrong. as bad as we've been, if we miss playoffs because of a dismal kicking game i will be past pissed.
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    I feel the same way you do and I know Bironas isn't what he used to be but he is better than these two guys!
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    Why does it have to be Bironas or the two that we have?

    Get in a vet like Josh Brown or Lawrence Tynes
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    Is the Titan way, it's only right to bring back Bironas. Lol
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    I say bring Bironas back. He still has a little left in the tank.
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    Bironas is not an option. I know kickers don"t exactly have to be high level athletes... But I am willing to bet that dude hasn't left the couch but like a dozen times since he was cut, and has probably consumed enough alcohol for a small country.

    It just seems like what he would do.
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