Which OT will the Titans take ?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by WinnipegTitan, Jan 9, 2024.

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    Odunze reminds me of a faster Chris Olave. Love his game. Would give us something we don't have, or have ever had really. He's a much better athlete than Burks and Johnston and will probably run in the 4.3's, if not faster.

    Back to the subject of the thread - I agree with whoever said Alt and Olu aren't generational talents. They will be solid starters, but you can get solid starters in the 2nd round. With a top 10 pick, you need to draft a guy that's as close to generational as you can get.

    I actually like the OT from Oregon State, Taliese Fuaga almost as much as the top 2, and you may be able to trade back and recoup that 3rd we're missing and still get him in the middle of the 1st round. The only issue with Fuaga is, I think he's primarily a RT.

    I tend to lean more towards taking Nabers or Odunze at #7, then a OT at 39. Especially if we can sign someone in FA like Dion Dawkins (who may be let go by the Bills due to cap number) or Michael Onwenu.
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    I will take 2 Please
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