Where will the Titans look to upgrade?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. TitanJeff

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    The Titans often grab a player or two from other teams after final cuts for the practice squad. A few times, they've made the final 53.

    I think we may see a QB added to the practice squad who is on another team now if they release Rusty. I would not be surprised to see a LB added for depth with special teams skills.

    Which positions do you think the Titans will target and will any make the final 53?
  2. The Hammer

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    I have been hoping for another young QB unless Rusty has an amazing game against the Vikes. I think though it is vital the team get someone to backup at free safety. I cringe to think just how bad the defense would be if anything happens to Michael Griffin.
  3. TitanWilly

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    Any player from the defensive side of the football that is of worthy significance would be an improvement before the season starts. Pass rusher is of major importance.
  4. The Hammer

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    I can see them going after a TE as I expect them to want to carry 4.
  5. Mberglo

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    If they cut Rusty, they'll have to find someone to run the scout team. Fitz ain't gonna do it.
  6. The Playmaker

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    A PS QB, another LB for ST, a FS, and maybe a guy who can return kicks and contribute somewhere else as well.

    Last one is a stretch but it is a need. I was about to say CB but our problem isn't depth at the position it's the starters I'm a little concerned about and a starting caliber CB isn't going to get cut (probably). I would like to see another DE but have been pretty impressed with the DL overall so far so we should be fine.
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  7. J Falk

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    I don't get the Rusty hate. He's always joking around with the other QB's and staying in tune with the game. He also don't play all that bad. I mean he's a third string QB. If Locker and Fitz go down we'll probably have to sign or trade for someone anyways.

    Anyways, the only sloppy 2nds that we could use would be at LB, CB or FS. If Mariani gets cut we'd need another return man(maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone by getting a CB that can return)

    Also, kind of off topic, is Mooney our official starting fullback now? Haven't seen Quinn play this preseason. I've been kinda excited about this. Yes, Mooney might get bullied a little bit, but atleast he has a brain.
  8. J Falk

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    That's why we got Corey Lynch bruh! you didn't know?! lol...but 4real... I think the coaches are on the same page as you, probably why they had Verner playing Free during camp. Too bad if we had to move ATV to Free, we wouldn't have a starting caliber CB. On another note, has Markelle Martin not played this preseason? My hopes were high for this guy. Thought maybe he'd eventually take Griffs spot.

    Glad to see we finally got rid of Robert Johnsons slawass lol. Folks on here thought he'd be a good player lmao.
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  9. Fry

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    He wasn't even considered for the #2 job when Hasselback was cut. He is a career #3 and keeping a guy who will never be on the game day 45 unless Locker gets hurt doesn't make sense.

    If he's just a career #3 like we seem to think I don't think a lot of teams will be knocking down his door for his services. If something does happen to Locker or Fitztragic we might be able to give him a call and bring him back.
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  10. The Hammer

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    Rusty has been in the league long enough that he needs to be able to step in. If he cannot then we need to look at developing someone else.
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