Where were you 12 years ago?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Dman, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I definitely see your points, and I agree with it for the most part. I just feel like that we have had terrorist attacks on planes before like the Pan Am incident in the 70's and we should have known to always lock the door to the flight deck. I have the mindset to not deal with terrorist demands but that's just my personal opinion. I always thought the flight deck door was locked when I was a kid flying, I guess not. I try to think logical on this but its too emotional to think logical when it comes to instances like this.
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    Hell, I can honestly remember a few times I flew, prior to 9/11 obviously, when I'd actually SEE the cockpit door open up from time to time so the pilot could say something or receive something from the Stewardess.

    Not since, for good reason.
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    I wish I could tell you everything I know and everything that goes on at the airport since I work at JFK for American but all I will say is that the flight deck is protected and armed at all times
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    I was 26 years old and working a night shift 5pm-5am at the time doing security at a warehouse and i was living in a small motel so ironically i slept all day but before each day i would stick a VHS tape in my VCR to record all the shows during the day i liked to watch.Anyway i woke up around 4pm that day was running late went and got in the car and started to drive to work.I arrived at work and saw a group of women standing around crying so i asked my coworker who i was relieving why they were crying.Are you crazy man you haven't heard?? heard what i asked i've been asleep all day.My coworker by then was very emotional and yelled at me we were attacked today we are about to go to war.I immediately was scared to death and forgot to even look at my cell phone due to running late so i look down and see 35 missed calls so i knew something bad was happening.My coworker turned on the radio and told me to listen to the news stations.I was at this warehouse all alone nightfall soon to hit i was scared due to being surprised with the news.I called my dad who back then was not religious at all and the first thing he said and kept repeating was pray,pray,pray the world is in chaos.I bet their were people thinking at the time that we might be going into World War III or the world was about to go to war.After all the last time America was attacked we entered World War II when Pearl Harbor was attacked.All this kept entering my mind all night at work and i was scared and worried.The next morning when i got to my room i put that VHS into the VCR that was recording the day prior when i was sleeping and two hours into the tape the networks started reporting about the World Trade Center and the attacks and i saw it all for the first time way later than most people.I still have that VHS tape to this day after all its history something we will never forget.
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