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    New team momentum?

    How about a stadium atmosphere that was considered best in the NFL?

    A crowd that was the loudest and made it extremely difficult for opposing teams-- leading us to a perfect home record?

    Oh... but excuse me. That's silly.

    You're apparently very new to the Titans. Taking up for Jeff Fisher shows that, but this cements it.
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    Im so glad I can hear the words "Jeff Fisher" and not give a damn one way or the other whats happening with him lol
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    That's where I'm at. I still think he sucks. But he doesn't make my blood boil anymore. Perhaps over time the good memories will outweigh the bad, like an old failed relationship. lol
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    That whole stadium thing is just blatant bullshiat. The Titans made it to the Super Bowl because they played in a brand new stadium? Really? Maybe thats flys down in your mothers basement but it doesnt in the real world. Come on... hate Fisher all you want but at least try and be honest. He is a good football coach. Great no ... Good yes.

    My birth and the birth of this franchise happened at the same time and I was watching Jeff Fisher, McNair and George etc etc long before you ever knew who they were more than likely. I have been a fan of this team my whole life. There was no more frustatrated Oiler/Titan fan than me, expecially in the last few years of Fishers tenure. Fisherball drove me crazy. He was too conservative It was time for him to go. But to characterize the best times this franchise has ever known as merely lucky is ludicrous and lacks knowledge of the team and the game itself.

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    No Fisher no longer despises his QB and wants him to fail like he did with Vince!